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10-04-2009, 03:12 PM
Being new to bowhunting, I relied on the advice from a local shop. Twice I was sold arrows of the wrong spine.The second time the arrows were both the wrong spine and weight.My bow is set for 70# @ 28".The arrows were way too light for my bow at just over 300gr's!The guy at the shop wanted $300 for new strings and idler!I went on this website and read how Martin ALWAYS fixes their bows!I phoned Martin and Joel assured me that they would fix my bow and get it back in time for hunting season(I live in Canada).They had my bow for a week and all I had to pay was shipping!They were pleasant to talk to,hasslefree,and quick!I got my first animal with a bow on Aug 29th.All thanks to the Martin Archery staff!Thank you Joel and the rest of the staff!I am a PROUD Martin owner!I have since bought a leopard for my wife,and my best friend just bought a cheetah!Thanks again!I know the shot angle looks funny but I've included a picture of the heart.

10-05-2009, 01:10 AM
Congrats Sk !!
What type of broadhead did you use on that Bull ?

10-05-2009, 10:55 AM
It was a 100gr muzzy 3 blade.My arrows are cx maxima 350's.If you look close you can see the broadhead protruding though the shoulder.Some other rifle hunters came when I was skinning him.They were amazed that an arrow could do that much damage!

willow ms
10-05-2009, 11:24 PM
First of all CONGRADULATIONS! I have been a Martin bow shooter for over twenty years. MARTIN ARCHERY builds some of the best bows in the world. they are also one of the oldest names in bows. I worked in a pro shop for over ten years. we had fewer warranty service jobs on martins than any line we carried(PSE,HOYT,BROWNING,PEARSON,POWER MAG,HIGH COUNTRY,BEAR,JENNINGS). The only line that shop still carries is MARTIN. When the say pro series, they mean it. MARTIN is and has always been family owned and operated by Gail Martin. He got his start building bowstrings when bows were only recurves and longbows. The entire company and there quality of service ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will continue to shoot Martin bows as long as they keep making them. I think you made a perfect shot. I have never been elk hunting,but it is a hunt I plan to make. I have killed over thirty whitetails with a bow in my twentyseven years of bowhunting and hopefully another one tomorrow morning. The Mississippi season just opened Oct.,1. I had a 130 inch ten point fifteen yards,broadside and could not take the shot because one small branch obstructed the killzone. he walked directly under my treestand less than a foot from the base of the tree before he sensed something was not right. He then backtracked and walked out of sight. It rained last night and when I walked into my stand this afternoon he had tracked within thirty yards of it. needless to say,I will be camping out in that location all day tomorrow. Wish me luck! I in turn wish you and your wife and friends continued success and enjoy your MARTIN bows as much as I have enjoyed mine over the years. ps. I would find a new "pro shop"

10-07-2009, 11:18 AM
Thanks Willow.You're right,Martin builds incredible bows!I chose the Bengal because it was listed as the "Best Buy" in Bowhunter magazine."Best Buy" is right!I equipped it with a whisker biscuit and a Trophy Ridge vertical 5 pin sight.I practice out to 60 yds, and could shoot even further but I don't have enough pins!I'm thinking of going to the Trophy Ridge Crazy 8 sight.I sure hope you get your ten point!It's hard to beat the thrill of getting bucks that close!Our season runs from Sept 1st to Oct 31st.I've had 2 bucks come within 20 yds several times already.Three times the one with the stickers held up at the edge of the bush until it was too dark to shoot,then walked right under my stand!And I had both of them walk up,sense something wrong and tiptoe away like you describe.I'm going to try again on Friday.With a little prayer and the good Lords blessing I might get one of them!This has been the most exhilarating hunting I've ever experienced!Thanks again Martin for getting me back on track!

10-07-2009, 03:21 PM
Those muzzy's sure do the trick !
Congrats again,
That buck in the 2nd. pic is a Dandy !! hope you get him!

willow ms
10-08-2009, 12:53 AM
Nice pictures man,hope you get your buck! I have prayed every day myself. You bet there is nothing like having a big deer under your feet. I am scared to use my trail camera on public land. We have big problems with stands being stolen. What happened to morals? The management area I am hunting is archery only Oct.1 thru Jan.31. Our rut is usually Dec.10-14 with a secondary in early Jan.. I am going back after the "perfect ten" Friday morning. The wind will be the same as the first time I saw him. After rain sunday night I found his track in the trail monday afternoon. He had come thru during midday. When I walked out Tues morning I found his track in the opposite direction. He has been moving midday and midnight with this full moon. The moon is getting right and a front is coming in. Wish me luck! I'll pray for you as well. I'm not a religious person however I am very spiritual. I do believe in God and his wonderful creation. The woods is my church ,that is where I enjoy a one to one relationship. I have not heard of that sight. I shoot a '06 Quest SE TruArc cams with a cobra single pin movable sighted to 80 yards. Most of my hunting shots are 20 yards or less. I target shoot with same setup(NFAA field target max is 80yards) 3D target shooting has trained me to automatically adjust the sight before the shot. I like having just one pin to center when I pick the spot. As far as exhilarating hunting, there's nothing else like it. That feeling never gets old or goes away it just gets better!!!

10-08-2009, 03:45 AM
Willow,I hope you get mr."perfect ten".When you do make sure you post some pictures.Don't blame you for being scared.I had to take down my camera because someone was taking my sd cards.And I'm hunting on private land half a mile from the nearest road!Our rut starts about the 2nd week of Nov and the clean up in mid Dec.Rifle season goes from 1st week of Nov to 1st week of Dec.Hope to be done before then!Rom. 1:20 says"For his invisible qualities are clearly seen from the worlds creation onwards,because they are percieved by the things made,even His eternal power and godship,so that they are inexcusable".Every time I go hunting I'm reminded of how true that is!I can't imagine it getting any better than this!Good luck!

10-12-2009, 09:53 AM
I will be finding out today how well Martin's customer service is...Last Thursday I was shooting a half dozen practice arrows before going to the woods hunting and on the last arrow, I drew and heard a 'POP'...I let down since it didnt sound right, and upon inspection of the limbs/cams I noticed a 1/2"x1/2" chunk of my lower cam had cracked and was missing! I took it to the local Martin dealer and he said they should cover it, but no one answered at Martin's CS line on Saturday afternoon. I will find out today if they are going to warranty it. The bow is an '05 MagCat Magnum...pretty new and never dry-fired! I am thinking this is a fluke, as I LOVE this bow and every other Martin Ive shot. Those big names and big price tags just make me laugh when the guys shooting them cant put arrows in the 10 ring! Good luck to those hunting this fall! Be safe and shoot straight!

10-13-2009, 06:27 PM
I got the phone call today from the local Martin dealer that they are not only going to replace the cam, but are going to UPGRADE the cams, limbs, cables and replace the string on my bow! All at NO CHARGE to me! I am glad to hear this, as I love this bow and didnt want to replace it, even if it was with another Martin! I can honestly say that Martin gained a lifetime customer today. Their customer service is second to NONE! A friend of mine just went 9 rounds with Matthews about a cracked limb on a Drenalin that was less than 2 years old! They eventually replaced the limb, but he had to pay shipping! Kudos to Martin for building a great bow and standing behind it in the case things go haywire!