View Full Version : What year firecat

10-23-2009, 02:13 PM
Was at the shop Tuesday and I had my guy order me a new black firecat 55/70. However I didn't know the 2010's were comming out today. I'm just wondering which model I will be getting 2009 or 2010.. I just called him and he said probably the 2010. He said there's not really a big difference between the 2. How can I tell the difference, this is my first new bow I've bought in 20 years and I'm pretty excited. How much more can I expect to pay also. The 2009 was at the very top of my budget. Thanks

10-23-2009, 02:31 PM
These are questions for your dealer, but i'll try to help as far as i can - the bows are the same but not exactly :) on the 2010 model the limbs and cams are new and improved or so says the new catalogue. The price - i guess it'll be higher except a mirracle happens. :D