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10-26-2009, 04:39 PM
Ok so I bought this Rytera Alien thinking it was gonna be the cats meow and I was hyped to get it set up and shooting. I shot it today and what a let down, the bow is very loud. My wife shoots a Mathews Outback and she was shooting in the lane next to me, it was like night and day between her bow and mine. Another issue I am having is the bow shooting left, I set everything up center to start out and now the sight pins are far left of the string and the arrows are still grouping just left. I have never seen a bow that had to have the pins so far off the center line of the bow, the rest and string are both set perfect inline and I can't believe how far left my pins are and they need to go farther. So anyone got any ideas? Or does anyone want to buy an Alien? Only had about 50-60 arrows through her.

10-26-2009, 05:31 PM
sounds like you need different arrows, or you dont have the correct center shot, i know the firecats dont have a "true" centershot where you can just center the rest with the bow, im guessing the aliens arent too much different than the aliens...

10-26-2009, 05:58 PM
Im shooting 60lbs. the bow is a 50-60 and my arrows are gold tip ultralight 500's. I am also shooting easton carbons in a 400. I was told by the local shop that the 500's are probably to light and the 400's were good but both arrows are shooting the same. He checked out the rest and said it looked great to him and that it was in line with the string which should be inline with the cams regardless of where the center of the riser is...correct? I nock the arrow on the string and sight down the arrow past the rest to the tip, the arrow disappears behind the string, split perfect...so with nock point, rest, and arrow in perfect line all should be good but my sight pins are way far left of the string/arrow center. By the way I used to have a Mathews outback shooting at 63lbs. and the ultralight 500's were my old arrows and they shot awesome. Any idea about the noise? We checked everything on the bow and its all tight, cam modules etc. Thanks for the help.

Ray from Auburn
10-26-2009, 08:44 PM
At times I have the same issues with my bows. And for me, it's my form. I have a lot of shots go left. I'll hear a twang, d-loop wraps around string, so on, so on. When my form is good, things are more center shot and less noise and my d-loop is straight. I shoot carbon exp maxima 250 w/100 gr points. Hope this helps a little.

10-27-2009, 03:52 AM
Leftwing, i guess you must papertune and walk-back tune the bow. Also the 500arrows aren't good for the bow-don't use them or the warranty may be gone.Good luck!

10-27-2009, 05:51 AM
So it sounds like you know what I meant about the centershot, but those arrows are definately to weak for this bow. The cams are very aggressive and require a stiffer arrow. This could also be why your bow is so loud. Get a stiffer arrow, my choice if you have the money would be carbon express maxima 350's I shoot these and my Firecat is super quiet and it has no string leeches or limbsavers. Also, paper tune your bow and if you want walk back tune your bow...let us know what happens and keep asking questions, we'll get her shootin for ya

10-27-2009, 09:24 AM
I agree that the 500's may be on the light side. I can shoot them out of some bows up to 63#, but with 27" draw, 27" arrow and 80 grain Nibbs. After that I have to shoot a 400 shaft.

Now, the Hybrix cam, being more aggressive may need a stiffer arrow, especially if your draw is longer than mine. The Outback didn't have as aggressive a cam so the 500's may have worked OK on it. The Hybrix is different.

Sounds like your rest is centered OK. You might try paper tuning and/or wal-back tuning to make sure. Even bare shaft tunging might help. I can't say for sure on the Alien, but the rest on my FirCat is set about 7/8" from the sight window at the arrow pass.

The sight will probably end up left of center in any case. I believe the pin on my FireCat is sitting about 1/4" left of the string as viewed from the back. I've only ever had two bows in my lifetime that the pins were in line with everything else and neither of these bows used cable rod/slides or roller guards.

As for the noise? Touchy question. It could be as simple as too tight a nock fit to the string. Might be a cam timing issue (over rotated). Too light of an arrow. Or a combination of these. Hard to say without being there. And I haven't personally shot an Alien---yet.

10-27-2009, 05:51 PM
I've had two aliens. The first came unwound on me. The replacement has given me issues with the draw modules. The screws will not stay tight. After about ten shots the modules are flopping. Martin advised me to loc tite them and still too loose. They won't stay tight. They have agreed to trade me out for a warthog. I shot a slayer before and loved it. I sure hate to get rid of my alien. Mine is super quiet. Shoots 325 fps at 60 pounds with 300 grain arrows. Has anyone else ran into the draw module issues?

twisted archer
10-27-2009, 06:59 PM
I've setup three aliens this season. One has came back with the modules loose. And one came back with some really sharp edges on the cam. I took the serving off and served it with some smaller 2D and took some 220 to the drawl module. I use black finger nail polish in the threads. All three were set up by not using a center shot tool. Eyeball the center off of the rest and down the arrow Use the yellow sticker off the back of the riser. That's going to get you close. Eye ball your pin over the arrow and go out for a walk back test. Start at 10ft and go all the way back to 60 yards. Use your heaviest arrows with some helical.

Does it bother me that the bow does not set up close to true center? Yes

In my opinion its in the shoots hand. I can set it up true center and torque the grip and shoot fine. But this goes against everything I try to get hunters to do in the shop. All three customers have robinhooded arrows before season. Hope this helps. I've got another ordered with the trans cam. I'm hoping this helps with the center shot and some of the noise. I have found that an arrow in the 9.0 to 9.4 gpi will quite the bow down. If you quite the bow down you are also decreasing the speed.

10-29-2009, 07:21 PM
Thank you for all the advice, I have been talking to alot of people about my problems and I have found out that first of all I need to have the Alien properly set up before I try to sight it in. I have been told that first of all the bow needs to be taken apart and those sharp edges on the cams need to be buffed down to prevent string wear. Then the serving on the loops need to be redone with a tougher serving material because they don't hold up for someone that shoots often. Seems that the strings themselves are very good though. Next the cables need to be routed properly, why they are not correct from the factory I don't know. The cams need to be synchronized, this seems to be a big noise maker, and the rod that holds the string noise suppressor needs to be cut down so that it does not bottom out in the riser. WHEW! Did I forget anything? Oh yes, my 500's are to light for the aggressive cams...moving to 400's. Anyway I have shipped the bow to a dealer that sets up alot of Aliens and when it gets back in my hands it should be ready to start sighting in. Hope some of this helps others with their Aliens, and thanks again for all the help.