View Full Version : need help with set up Please

11-02-2009, 03:14 PM
can anyone suggest a setup close to what i should be using
i have an 09 Bengal it is suppose to be a 65 lb bow i am trying to get it to work with 2117 easton al. shaft i have a quik tune 3000 rest and am using 100 gr heads my problem is i keep running the last few inches of the shaft and can get a good group i have even tried 2213`s and 2216`s by the way i have the bow turned down to 60 lbs to shoot and i am using 28`` arrows i do not use a loop i attach my release under my nock any ideas would be greatly appreciatted

btw when i shoot a 3 arrow group i normally have 2 shaft close together and the 3rd a lil high to the left no its not bent i have checked it and the funny thing is its not always the same shaft just the 3 rd shot

i have 2 identical bengals both 09`s both were suppose to be 65lbs but one has 5m`s and the other has 4 L limbs imagine that

thanks for looking

11-02-2009, 04:29 PM
i forget to say that i have the m-pro cams on both bengal`s and my nieghbour and i just put them on the scale to weigh them in and both bows weighed in at 64 lbs how can that be when 1 has 5-m limbs and 1 has 4L limbs

11-05-2009, 07:40 PM
You ask how that can be, one may have more preload then the other, and not all limbs with the same numbers are the same strenght, but check your
A2A and BH and see if thay are the same on both bows, and that both bows are in spics, brace height is 7" and axle to axle is 32 1/4" for that bow.