View Full Version : FYI: 2009 Martin Bengal - Personal Speed Tests

11-03-2009, 01:03 PM
Got my new bow set-up/paper tuned, so thought I'd share some info and speed tests results.
(weights and fps are rounded off average of 10)

2009 Martin Bengal, M2Pro cams, 55-70lb, w/factory installed CCS and STS.......left hand
(came with 34.5" cable to compensate for CCS, in place of std 34.0")
Set at 64lbs, 28.5" Draw Length (29" F5 Module on Pin 2.....which lowered max draw weight to 64lbs & under rotated cam a little)
Trophy Taker Shakey Hunter drop-away arrow rest
Sims Ultra Quad limb dampeners, Sims X-Coil stabilizer, cat whiskers on string
Scotts Little Goose Deluxe Release

ARROW 1: Beman ICS Hunter 340, 30.25" (3) 4" AAE vanes - offset fletched (prefer helical), 125gr field point, 12.5% FOC = 465 gr @ 259fps
(arrow used with my old bow, also group well out of this bow w/fld pt & fixed blade broadhead, so I'll be using these for now

ARROW 2: Cabela Carbon Hunter 5570, 29.0", (3) 4" vanes - offset fletched, 100gr field point, 11.4% FOC = 400 gr @ 275fps
(my boys arrows.....also grouped well in mine w/fld pts, but slightly weak spined w/broadhead)

......low quality phone cam pics, of Bemans (Arrow 1) groups at 20 & 30yds, during sight-in/tune day
(after off/on 30+yrs shooting fingers, still adapting to this mechanical release thing, but think it'll be ok)

11-04-2009, 06:01 AM
Those are some pretty darn good speeds, I always thought the Bengal was the best hunting bow for your money, I know my dad shoots an '07 bengal with the original m-pro cam, and with his 384gr. hunting arrow hes getting 280-283fps. which i thought was great because he still has the factory strings and string leaches. but thats at 70lbs. and a 30" draw.---not quite as much as my Firecat though hehe:p

11-04-2009, 08:06 AM
Still have some more fine tuning of draw length/weight to do, but I'm satisfied with the speed and accuracy so far.
Shooting right in there with where I excepted the new Bengals to be as currently set-up......and agree, quite a bow for the $$.

Been thinking about giving the PSE Carbon Force Predator 300 arrows a try later. Looks like they would be happy medium between two noted above at about 425gr and get me up near 270fps and still stay in the 6.5gr/lb range I prefer.

Speaking of Firecats. Looking thru my some old notes yesterday of my last couple bows:
1990 Martin Firecat, 29.0" DL, 74lbs, 500gr arrow @ 230fps
1996 Martin Firecat, 29.0" DL, 69lbs, 465gr arrow @ 245fps
2009 Martin Bengal, 28.5" DL, 64lbs, same 465gr arrow @ 259fps

Had I missed recent deals/sales on the Bengal, that last entry might have said 2010 Martin Firecat TR1.
I doubt single cam performance wouldn't have changed much if any, and my wallet would have been a bit thinner, but would have been kind of neat to keep my Firecat theme going.

11-04-2009, 10:03 AM
Just chronoed my '08 Firecat, at 67lbs. and a 28" dl. shooting a 382 gr. arrow...306fps. This is w/o the cams completely wrapped up, but I have been fooling with the Speed nocks, and re-served my bow with the minimal amount for all the high-wear spots.

11-04-2009, 11:13 AM
That's smokin right along........rated IBO must be pretty close on the Firecats

Based on numbers I've tracked on my bows, in my set-up range, I use the following for estimates:
1lb draw weight = 2.5fps
1 inch draw length = 10fps
4.5grains = 1fps

If I use your specs, I would have guessed: Listed IBO - (3lb)(2.5) - (2")(10) - (35/4.5) = 300-310fps. So, nothing wrong with 306