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11-06-2009, 11:14 AM
First post, kind of long.
How long has the X-200 been produced and what was the first year they were made? Just curious as to if it has a long history like the Hunter or if it was another model that had its name changed?
I came across a new on the shelf X-200 that was on sale because the guy at the archery store said it was probably 4-5 years old and had just never sold and it was his last one of the older style models. It was something a customer had wanted ordered from Martin with riser inserts, and then never came back for.
I'll have to check my serial number, seems like it stats with a 51, but I'll have to go back and look.

Been shooting traditional for about a year. I started with a Bear Grizzly, but it was actually the X-200 that got me interested in traditional archery. I was reading an article in a waiting room about the largest ever traditional deer kill in Arkansas history and the guy was using an X-200 and had a pic of him and the bow and the deer mount. It was also the #5 bowkill all time in Ar. using any type of archery equipment......So I came across the sale on the X-200 and had to have it.

Great shooting bow except mine is noisy right now. Its at the lower end of the recommended brace Height, and with me being fairly new, its a work in progress for me adjusting it. Everytime I restring, I just twist the string a little at a time, so I'm getting there. It has whiskers on it, and I'm going to put some brush buttons on it this weekend.

Another reason I liked the Martin is the factory riser inserts. They are set just right for a quikee quiver. Bear wouldn't put riser inserts that close from the factory, only spaced out for their brand quiver that is a bolt on. When you shoot with their quiver on the bow, it adds alot of vibration and noise and then you have to unscrew it if you want to take it off at the tree. I prefer the qwikee that I can stalk to the stand as a bow quiver, but take off and hang in the tree when in the stand.
I've noticed alot of recurves seem fragile and the limb tips seem fragile. The X-200 doesn't have that feel. It is a rock solid bow that looks like its built to last.

09-09-2010, 10:21 AM
I don't know when they first hit the market, but I bought my first one in '75. It was an great bow.

01-06-2011, 08:29 PM
Im looking at buying the X -200 this year.
It seems to have all the right stuff for my kind of shooting.
I like Instinctive shooting & Hunting, & the little i have read about the Martin X 200 seems to fit the bill. I hopt to pick it up by the end of Febuary. :cool: