View Full Version : Difference in forgieness between single and dual cam?

11-08-2009, 09:49 PM
Ok im shooting a 09 cheetah and i have been looking at dual cam bows for a while and like the speed but am a little worried that they will be very unforgiving? I like the firecat and the warthog but how hard are they to shoot? I hear the walls on dual cams are alot more solid? Any info will help im just curious.

11-08-2009, 10:25 PM
I have owned about 40 bows in my life, all but two of them have been dual cam, I think thay can be very forgiving, but then I like shoot throughs and that calls for dual cams.

11-09-2009, 07:06 AM
If you put on a blindfold and shoot one and then the other you probably wouldn't be able to tell which is which. I've shot both duals and singles for many years and personally I prefer dualies. With the better string/cable materials of today duals have less of a trendency to go out of sync, which was what made single cams so popular in the first place.

Dual cam bows are more tunable I'd say, meaning there is just more you can do with them as far as fine tuning. With good strings they'll stay in tune longer, too. The main problem with single cams, IMO, is that if there is any cam lean you can't twist a yoke on the bottom limb to straighten it out. The longer string on singles also can creep more than that on a dualie, throwing the bow out of tune over time.

Forgiveness isn't really a result of how many cams are on the bow. It has more to do with the general design of the bow. Longer ATA, higher brace height, less reflex riser, aggressiveness of the cams are some of the things that help a bow be more forgiving. And the main thing is getting all this together, getting the bow set right for you so you will have repeatable form from shot to shot.

Putting some of this into perspective I'll say I'm a relatively short guy, 5'8" with a draw length that varies from 26.5" to 27" depending on the bow. I still prefer a bow that is a little longer, usually about 36"to 39". Brace height for me is not an issue as I have shot bows with a brace less than 6", but 7" or more is always best for a less experienced shooter.

I have a FireCat and I can shoot it well---most of the time. At 32 3/8" ATA it isn't my favorite type of bow. That's why I'm going to an Alien Z this year with an ATA of 36". It's not that I shorter bow is less accurate. It's just that the longer bow is easier to achieve the same level of accuracy with the same effort from me.

After having shot nearly as many bows as RogerSr over the last 36 years, 48" being quite normal years ago, I have my own opinion about super short bows (less than 34") and treestand hunting. Too much is made of it and it's a shame most younger guys haven't taken the time and effort to shoot longer bows and see some of their virtues.

11-09-2009, 09:27 AM
It's always good to know what the experienced archers say, but as a newbie with only two compounds i can tell you that there is a difference :) A year ago when i've bought my MOAB i tried also the Firecat (both 60lbs) and i couldn't pull the Firecat to fulldraw. Back then i have shot a compound with round cams only for about half a year and i guess now it won't be a problem to pull the Firecat, but i'm sure that then took the right decision and bought the single cam. But Tim, since you're not a begginer a dual cam bow will be perfect for you. Someday i'll also take a speedbow, but now i'm more interested in traditionals-spent this afternoon shooting my 55# Mongolian horsebow and it's great :)

11-09-2009, 01:32 PM
Alright thats cool thanks. Since my cheetah is new im going to go a while with it but well see maybe ill take a look at the firecat or warthog next year or the year after. What do you guys think about the rytera bows? They say they shoot very fast and that they have no hand shock and are quite forgiving is this true? Ive never actually seen one so i dont even know how it feels but im curious about that bow to. My 09 cheetahs wall just doesnt feel as solid as it should. ive even shortened shorter than my dl and its just not as solid as other bows ive pulled back or even owned. Is this just how the draw stops are supposed to feel? I have a pse fire flite 33 and its a cheaper bow but the wall is rock solid. My cheetah not so much. :confused: