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Hoosier Daddy
11-11-2009, 09:57 AM
I got a few 07 Cheetahs and its been an on going battle with cam lean , i've built tons of bows in my life as a shop owner of Hoosier Daddy Archey , i got a set of Hoyt cam & 1/2's on one of my Cheetahs and its perfect no cam lean what so ever , bow is set up propery i played with different spacers to where its perfect till i draw and the shooting string is damn near ready to walk off and i chewed up the serving on 4 sets of Pro Strings since March.

My Question is not being a dealer and not having to screw around with Dealers since i've been leaving messages with a bunch of them , i need a 2010 Acu-Trak Cam for the new Cheetah and a new set of 60lb limbs for the 07 can i buy them direct so i have them before my Archery season is over , i called and left a message wanna get this going asap ...Thanx Mark

Hoosier Daddy
11-11-2009, 01:17 PM
If worse comes to worse i guess i'll buy yet another Cheetah since the only way to solve this problem is to throw your existing bows out and buy the bows they solved the existing problems with if i cant just buy a 2010 Acu-Trak cam.

Anyone know how much the 2010 Cheetah is going for ?

11-11-2009, 01:32 PM
See you found your way here from BC. Sorry to say I can't help yet with any prices yet. Heck, I just saw my sales rep yesterday and he doesn't have a price sheet yet. Maybe a week or so. Stay in touch.

Just FYI I'm glad somebody is finally taking this cam-lean problem into account and redesigning their cams accordingly. Just hope it works the way it's supposed to.

Hoosier Daddy
11-11-2009, 02:25 PM
I dont know what happened Barry , i couldnt sign in for some reason , so i had to start another account ...same name same password said it was all available .....oh well just started with zero posts again......:rolleyes:

I dont wanna sound like i'm coming off hard , i have three perfectly good Cheetahs all with the same lower cam lean problem after about 6 month of shooting them , the cams are even bent when i spun them in a jig with a dial indicator , same goes with the Pully , did everything under the sun , have no tension on the slide rods even have it at the 11:00 position shooting cock vane out .....When i draw the cam rotates to the left and the shooting strings on all of them are coming way off the side at full draw , i tore these three bows apart 50 times have them almost close ...freekin cams are bent thats all there is to it , hate to have to buy another bow after putting numerious sets of strings on these bows when i know the new cam design will fix atleast one of these bows problem .

11-11-2009, 04:16 PM
Know what you mean. I started shooting solo cam bows in 1998 when I shot for Golden Eagle--Litespeed was my choice. Then moved to Pearson in 2000. At the time I didn't know near as much about the technical side of bows and like so many others I thought it was the cat's meow.

As I've learned the solo cam isn't the answer to all the problems in cam timing. It did solve some of the problems of cam sync brought on by inferior string and string material. At the same time it introduced other problems, or should I say it didn't solve the problem of cam timing (different from cam sync).

It took me a while to figure out the cam lean thing. In most cases it's not really the cams, but the limbs being twisted by the cable guard. With a static yoke you can straighten the idler, but nothing you can do with the cam, which sucks. Even twisting a yoke is only adding a bandaid. More problems arise when the bow is drawn. As the bow is drawn and the cam rolls over even more stress is added to the cable(s) which induces more cam lean. The thing is it's a continually changing amount of lean as the cam rolls over.

So how do you get rid of it? Simple----X system. That's another thread though.

Of course, all this ranting doesn't help you much. I have seen a few bows over the years that had the amount of cam lean you're talking about. Actually saw a PSE once that the string actually did roll off the wheel as the bow was drawn--I handed the customer a new bow on the spot. Some bows should never leave the factory. Another was a carbon riser HCA. These were isolated cases and both bows were replaced under warranty.

As I said, I'll post the prices for cams and such when I get them, but you may have them before me. Who knows?

Hoosier Daddy
11-11-2009, 05:48 PM
absolutely right Barry , it isnt all in the cams , the lower limbs on all 3 Cheetahs , are twisting to the left from the cam notch back to the axle and like i mentioned it isnt helping that the cams are bent , i have already had a shooting string roll off one , i'm not expecting it to happen again , if it wasnt for the way the Cheetah fits my hand i would of moved on to many other option bows , I hope Martin gets back to me soon........i would not like to have to get rid of these three bows for next to nothing since there aint a scratch in any of them since they havent been shot much cause of the cam lean to buy one with the problem solved if i can just put the new designed cam on one of these bows in which that would make me a happy camper ....being a shop owner and selling new bows dont flatter me to always have a new bow for myself i just like what feels good in my hands even if it is 3 or 4 year old bows , ya should have an option for upgrades is i guess thats what i'm expressing .

11-12-2009, 08:06 AM
Being a shop owner I imagine you see your fair share of design flaws in many bows. I can also imagine it's hard to ethically recommend something to customers that you are personally having problems with.

I'm just a shooter and due to some physical handicaps I shoot what mnost would consider light weight---50# max., and short draw at 27" or a little less. Therefore I just never get or see these problems so it gets hard for me to relate.

I do remember one instance of a Moab being dry fired and that M2Pro cam got bent and flattened, really twisted and totally destroyed. It might just be that the cam needs to be beefed up a little bit. That might be the case with the 2010 model along with designing to eliminate cam lean. I haven't seen one yet so can't say.

Hope you get your mess taken care of. Being a bit of a hypocrite I always hear that Martin has the best customer service so I say so myself. Thing is I've never had to use it. My bows usually come with the wrong grip, but a phone call takes care of that. Removing a rubber grip and installing side plates is easy, you know?