View Full Version : 2nd Martin, 20 years later

11-12-2009, 07:06 PM
Back in school I had a Martin cougar I shot instinctive with a 3 finger tab, shot everyday, could kick anyones butt doing it. I really loved shooting my bow. I even was pretty heavy into bowfishing with it. After school I went a joined the navy and fell out of archery. So fast forward 20 some years To present day and Ive been killing 2 deer a year with my horton hunter crossbow. Then I meet this person who is an archer and Also wears several other hats too. This person gave me some ribbing for my crossbow hunting. I really respect this person and her opinion (yes, it's a woman:D) I also have a buddy who gives me crap about it anytime he can (actually he started it). Well I couldn't take it no more and after seeing martins new 2010 line up said "to hell with it" and ordered a black firecat. We set it up at my local shop yesterday and let me tell you, it ain't my old cougar. Wow how things have changed in 20 some years. First off at the recommendation of my friends, I'm shooting a release?? Second, I put the sight on that was recommended to me, it a tru ball and it was $160 and change:eek: (but even my pro was impressed with it's ease of adjustments). Day 2 of ownership of my second Martin has me smling and sore. but I'm back now and I'm very pleased with the 2010 fiercat, with the exception of the grip, if I didn't put a sling on it I would have busted open my head today when it slipped out of my hand as I was drawing. But I'll fix that as soon as I order a new grip and get rid of that wooden one. Now bring on the 3D because I got a few friends I owe some payback.lol.

Dirt Dart
11-13-2009, 03:22 AM
Good luck man. I haven't even had the chance to shoot my new Warthog yet. My job keeps me in Iraq more than I would like.

Hope you have fun doing it.