View Full Version : I think I am a little overspine what the pro think?

12-02-2009, 04:52 PM
I shoot a martin saber 2007 model 27 1/2" " draw 53lb with ICU Beman 400 28" carbon shaft
whisker biscuit
D loop
2" blazers 100 grain thunderheads
I think I am overspined ???? NOT BY MUCH
I paper tuned it and shot excellent;but the other day at the end of the bow season I some how let loose of the tru-ball release shooting a few shafts at the target and the release let loose from my draw hand broke the tip of the whisker biscuit also striped to vanes : I reset it all up and wanted to try a bare shat at 18 yards I noticed the nock entered a tad to the right ;I then moved the rest to the left and the arrow nocks are straight good nock angle @ they fly like dimes with out vanes
fps not sure?
I did change my sight to a 1 pin sight I find the bow will shoot 1 pin out to 30 yards I pick up a HHA .019 sight that I really like so far.
I also would like to ask I seem from time to time get back to target panic not when hunting but more when target shooting past 20 yards.I find 2 eyes open help also I find a tad bent elbow seem to help align and hold the pin were I want to place the arrow shaft.I wonder which way is better to help fight target panic?
I also find at 63 the body and eyes are not what they used to be any help would be appreciated.I been shooting a bow back to the days of the early 70's from long bows to the first Allen compound.
I have two older bows on the wall from my younger dys that I can't no longer draw but the new martin saber is a dream with the M Pro Cams

12-02-2009, 05:10 PM

I feel like we could be good friends or at least have a lot in common. I'm 62 and have been shooting compounds since 1973--recurves before that. And like you my body and eyes aren't as sharp as they once were. Sucks getting old doesn't it?

As for your mishap? I have done that, too. Been a long long time though. I like to refer to it as a raccident, jokingly.

Your question was about arrow spine. I think I already answered this in another thread, but I think you could shoot a 500 spine, but with the results you are now getting it's tough to fight city hall. Depending on what you're suing the bow for the only thing a 500 spine would give you is more speed.

12-02-2009, 05:22 PM
I think we did talk about it before I tried the bare shaft :I use to shoot back in the early 70's and was teach ed how to set up my own bow by the name of Joe Durkin.
I shot a lot in 3 D matches back then and always set my own bow up but this bow was set up by a good friend who I use to shoot with his dad but he passed on to cancer back in the early 90's.The son owns a bow shop and I new him when he was a little pain in the butt.I let him set up the bow but I also ask him to shoot bare shaft and instead he paper tuned it.I had to re-set it all up so I said what the heck I use to shoot my old bow out to 20 yards with out feathers.
I may be a tad over spine but looking at these new fangle charts i am on the border line ;I think if I shoot the shorter shaft yes the 500 but keeping at 28" or better the 400 comes into play.
I thought I ask any way and thank you for the reply.
I have to agree ruff to get old:mad:

12-05-2009, 05:12 AM
I have always gotten better flight by being just a tad overspined than beating the bushes trying to get spot on. Good groups, good flight tune, leave it be.