View Full Version : Cracked Limbs Firecat

12-27-2009, 05:32 PM
Well I've been very pleased with my 09 Firecat until today. Went out to get alittle shooting done today and looked over my bow and both limbs have cracks in them. Right at the middle of the forks on both limbs. I'm wondering if shooting it in cold temperatures would have anything to do with it? I was just shooting it a few days ago and didn't notice them and the top limb crack was pretty severe. Got a question for all Firecat owners who've been through this and that is how long did it take to receive their new limbs. Also I noticed Bfisher said he went through this and their sending him '10 limbs which need different rotocups and cam is this protocall now or are they still sending 09 limbs out? Just wanted to know so I can give my dealer a heads up to have them make sure they send rotocups and cams so I don't have more delays. Any info will be appreciated.

12-27-2009, 07:19 PM
Ron, I don't know just what the protocol is, but if you read some of my posts about this you'll see that I also found out that the '10 limbs are not compatable with the '08-'09 cams.

When I had called to get mine replaced I was offered '09 replacement limbs. I was also given an option for limbs with 5 laminations. Without knowing all the details involved I requested '10 limbs, thinking that the newer technology would be better.

Things worth anything sometimes take time. I knew I would have to wait for my limbs and it took a month to get them, vs about a week for standard limbs. They didn't have '10 limbs on hand yet.

Whatever is worked out I'm sure you'll be taken care of. Martin is good about customer service.