View Full Version : 1oo shot deal???

01-17-2010, 04:47 PM
What is the whole thig about having to shoot 100 arrows before you have a new Martin tuned??? I have a 09 Firecat.

01-17-2010, 07:37 PM
As with any bow there is usually a short break in period for the string/cables to work out some initial creep and settle into the cams. This applies to almost any bow with any strings.

What you should so is measure the A2A and brace height. Weigh the bow and physically measure the draw length; all this beofre you even fire a shot. Record these for future reference.

Then shoot the bow some, install a peep and tune everything. Once tuned to your satisfaction you should take all the measurements again just to see if they changed. You don't have to adjust anything to the original measurements if the bow suits you once tuned. It's just to give you an idea of whether anything might change in the future.

That being said, the FireCat has pretty decent strings on it so should be fairly stable from the git-go. The same can be said for any of the bows using the Dakota strings from Stone Mountain.