View Full Version : 08 moab vs 09 moab

01-19-2010, 07:40 PM
just got back to shooting my bows after haveing shoulder replaced. i have 3 moabs now , i believe my 08 with m-pro cam is much smoother to draw than the 2 09's with m2-pro the 09's are defanatally faster, you don't have to use a chrono to tell that. best bows i have ever owned, woudn't shoot anything else.:)

2009 moab camo 45/60 , camo truglo micro ajust sight, quad hunter rest, sims mini s coil stablizer.
2009 moab midnight blue 35/50 , black truglo micro ajust sight, quad hunter rest, 4 1/2" s coi stablizer.
2008 moab camo 45/60, red head camo hunter sight, ripcord rest, 4 1/2" s coil stablizer.l

01-20-2010, 08:02 AM
I guess you are noticing that the M2Pro is a little more agressive. That's where the increase in speed comes from. That being said, I had a 2009 Moab and I still prefer a Cat cam system like on my FireCat. I can get the same speed as the Moab, but shooting 8# less draw weight. That, on and of itself makes the Cat cam seem pretty smooth.

I like to compare different cam systems for equal performance. I don't get caught up in shooting equal poundage. Poundage is just a number. My shoulders tell me what draws smoother.