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01-30-2010, 09:48 PM
tell me about the cheetah,anyone have one, likes, dislikes? i see its ata is about 3" to 4" shorter than my firecat. i just got one im going to set up for bow fishing. i like the draw of this single cam bow. i think theres going to be a lot of carp in trouble this spring.

02-01-2010, 09:45 AM
Hey ezbite,
I bought a 09 cheetah in november of 09. After using a 2000 Fred bear code for 9 years this martin cheetah is a blessing. In 2008 I fell in love with my buddy's mathews switchback xt, I was amazed at how smooth the draw and shot were. After about a year of searching I realized the mathews was just an overpriced dream. That led me to a search for a new bow that was smooth and compact, and also was reasonable value. I searched and searched and finally came across a bow at dicks sporting goods called the bone hunter. I shot it a few times and wow I was sold. So I went online and found out the dicks rebadged bone hunter was in fact a Martin cheetah. So again I searched and searched for the best price I could find for the cheetah. I ended up getting it on Ebay shipped to my door for $314 and never looked back at the Switchback xt.

The dicks Bone hunter retailed for $399+tax
The Switchback xt retailed for $720+tax
The Martin Cheetah on ebay $314 no tax free shipping

There was no comparison I threw the sts and ccs package on her with my old qad ultra rest G5 peep,X coil Stabilizer and Red dot scope and wow!!!! This could quite possibly be the best bow I have ever shot. If I compare dollar for dollar This Is Definitely THE BEST BOW I HAVE EVER SHOT.

Ok now for the likes and dislikes about this bow.

Likes... The ultra smooth draw cycle and zero hand shock.
Super short ATA.
Great Brace height.
Ultra light.
Small comfortable rubber VEM grip.
Reasonable speed.
Included Draw modules.
Rubber covered arrow shelf.
Available Factory accessories like the STS & CCS.
Awesome Bat Wing Styling.
Ability to break down with out a bow press.
Accuracy as good as any bow I have shot to date.
Customer service second to none.
Aside from more speed I don't see what else anyone could ever want from a bow.

Factory String. Just will not settle, down hundreds of arrows threw her and peep just keeps on twisting. I almost broke down and used a tube peep. This will be replaced before the 2010 hunting season with a custom set.

I am a short draw at 26.5" when I use any module under the F-5 I get a pop at the end of the draw cycle like the string is popping back into the module. I rectified the issue by using the F-5 and adjusting the draw stop to suit me. It adds a little more weight on the let off but it's manageable, Especially after using a Fred Bear Code for 9 years.

Those 2 things are the only issues I have with the 09 Martin Cheetah.

Speeds I'm getting with this bow are ok nothing spectacular, Here is a few tests I did with different arrows.

All speeds were recorded at 26.5" draw 70# with a Beta Master Shooting Chrony.
All arrows were outfitted with 3 4" gateway feathers,easton tracer nocks,mfg inserts and 100 grain field point. Fired 10 times with the highest, lowest and average speeds listed with Kinetic energy for the average speed for each arrow.

Arrow & Weight GPI HI LO AV KE

Carbon Revolution
Speed Pro Max 5.5 311.5 310.3 310.9 64.45
300.2 grains

Gold Tip
XT Hunter 7.4 301.5 300.2 300.8 66.36
330.2 grains

Carbon Express
Maxima Hunter 8.9 285.8 282.2 284.0 67.86
378.8 grains

Carbon Express
Rebel Hunter 11.3 259.9 253.9 256.9 71.91
490.6 grains

I know everyone is going to cry about the 5g per # theory but these were the arrows I had laying around So I just fired them thru my chrony for fun and that's the results. You can be rest assured I will be hunting with the rebel hunter telephone poles. The maxima hunter shafts served me well with the Fred Bear Code. The past 2 years I took 4 Deer with the same maxima arrow and crimson talon xt head. not 1 went more than 20 yards before succumbing to the inevitable bleed out of the spiral wound channel. I vow to never again fire a mechanical head at an animal. Fixed blade broad heads have a track record with me of 100% recovery. I only wish I could say the same for mechanicals. Ok enough rambling on about nothing! Ezbite I hope you enjoy your new Cheetah, Look out CARP!!!

02-01-2010, 03:04 PM
hey cruser, great info, thanks man

02-02-2010, 02:34 PM
I forgot one other thing I really like about this cheetah.. I use Easton Tracer lighted nocks. They come with a magnet to trigger them, well Easton also gives you a POS round patch of wimpy velcro to hold the magnet onto the riser. The only guarantee with the velcro is "you will loose the magnet". The Cheetah has a magnetic riser shelf. Toss that magnet right on the shelf and it doesn't budge, F'N Awesome !!!!!! Hundreds of shots and hasn't moved yet. :D

02-04-2010, 06:28 PM
I am with Cruser on this one.

Great bow on all aspects except the string it came with kept stretching. Got new zebra strings and all is good.

Nice speed for the price, great weight. Excellent product.

02-04-2010, 07:25 PM
the string is frustrating. i have a guy that makes custom strings and is putting a new one on. great price and i love the size. i am a hardcore climbing stand guy so the length is ideal for maneuvering when up a tree without making noise. i am getting an sts soon so i can't wait to shoot it in a few days from now. i am taking it hog hunting in a few weeks and can't wait.

i shoot carbon express maxima hunter arrows with two inch vanes and g4 motec broadheads and man do they fly off the string on this bow.

great bow. get a new string

02-05-2010, 08:24 AM
I'm not going to bust you for shooting less than 5 gr/lb. Just don't be advertising it too much.

I subscribe to the theory that shorter draw length shooters don't store as much energy in the bow as a longer draw shooter, pound for pound of draw weight, thus put less stress on the system. That's why they don't get as much speed. Therefore, if said amount of energy is acceptable then the shorter guy should be able to shoot a comparably lighter arrow to get the same speed as the bigger guy and the bow should handle it.

I often refer people to the AMO Minimum Arrow Weight chart. Now that being said, I usually shoot at or very close to 5 gr/lb for a 3D setup and more for a hunting setup where speed for shooting 25 yards or so is not critical.

I do have to say, those are still some very impressive speeds for that bow and cam.

02-06-2010, 12:42 PM
I will soon find out as I am waiting for my new cheetah to arrive.:D