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Archer Dude
02-11-2010, 06:09 PM
I have been considering a one-pin slider sight for my hunting bow.

My concerns include:

Do they get loose and sloppy or rattle and get noisy over time?
Are they noisy or squeaky when you slide to adjust them?
Once you have your distance tape marked and in place, what do you do as your bow tune settles in or the strings stretch so your sighting moves a bit? Do you have to remove the tape and start over?
How true do they stay for the various yardages over time and is it challenging to move the slide to get the desired distances zeroed in before the shot?
What is the best thing about them?
What is the worst thing about them?

Have any of you had any problems with them or do you know of any brands or models to avoid?

Your informed opinions will be much appreciated.

Best wishes.

02-11-2010, 06:43 PM
I personally do not have one, but have used an HHA for 3-D a while ago. I'll do what I can:

1: A good quality sight will not, providing it is taken care of relatively well. No special TLC required, just don't let it stay wet, or smash it around etc... White lithium grease on the axles would also go a long way.

2: Again, a good sight is noisless, or should be. As previously mentioned, a little white lithium grease will keep it that way.

3: Yep, if the speed or trajectory of the arrow changes, new tapes will be required. When the string creeps and settles in, you will end up twisting it back, so no problem there as long as the rotation of the cam doesn't change. If you change draw weight due to arrow spine, or change something on the arrow, you may have to resight. Thats why; for tuning purposes, just use a permanent marker on masking tape till you are ready for a permanent sight tape. Quick, easy, and saves on sight tapes.

4: As long as the bow setup doesn't change, the marked yardage should never change. It is very easy to pick the range and set it. In that respect, it is probably easier than doing it at ful draw with a fixed pin sight. No issue there.

5: Best thing? 1 pin. No wrong pin, no fiddling around picking the right one, no picking the wrong one, a more open sight picture, etc... Hands down the biggest advantage is the single pin.

6: The worst thing is the need to move your hand to adjust the sight before the shot. Deer and turkeys pickl up on that. The less movement you have to make the better, so this is about the biggest disadvantage. Also, if you set your pin at a range, and the deer walks while you are at full draw, you now have it set for the wrong yard. Say you have a broadside deer at 32yds. You guess it to be 30, and set the pin for 30. You draw, and before you can shoot, it walks away. You still have a shot when it stops, but you are now making a 40yd. shot with a 30yd. pin. For the average speed of a hunting setup, you will now shoot 4-6" low. Thata a low brisket shot or a graze. It will wound, not kill. If you are a confident archer and know your bow, the solution could be as simple as aiming high to compensate. However, for a less experienced archer, you should let down, and readjust the sight.

Never had a problem with mine. HHA is a very reputeable brand. Cobra makes a good one as well, but the HHA is the best. I think mine was an OL5000, or something like that.


02-12-2010, 05:43 AM
I have owned the Cobra King Cobra, an HHA, and now a Sword. I will stick to my Sword. Built like a tank.

02-12-2010, 06:05 AM
I have a tru glo range rover on my bullet x and it is a good sight never have had any problem with it coming loose or rattling, and its a inexpensive sight. I also have a hha 5519 slider on my alien x and that thing is very nice built well, but does take about twice the amount of $$ as the tru glo. Never had any problem with either and they have been thru alot of 3d and hunting.:)

02-12-2010, 06:26 AM
I have a vital bow gear slider. Its a star track. Does not use sight tape.It has adjustable fiber optic pins.Very bright. No problems.