View Full Version : Getting my new 09 Cheetah set up

03-20-2010, 10:34 AM
Well I've had my Cheetah for a day and a half now. Installed my peep, D-loop, cat whiskers, sight, whisker biscuit and mini S-Coil stab. I've put about an extra dozen twists in the string to try to get the poundage up to spec (didn't work, still maxing out at 64-65lbs on a "55-70lb" bow). Bow came with CCS and STS factory installed.

My observations are that....the draw is really, really, really smooth. The let-off isn't 80%, it's more like 73%, don't know if there is anything I can do about that. It's not a quiet bow but it's not objectionably loud either, it has a distinctive kind of snap when the arrow is released, not a dull thud like I would prefer but I doubt it's going to matter to the deer or turkeys. The bow holds pretty darn steady on the target before the shot. The bow is shooting very, very accurately for me. I notice a bit of vibration in the handle at the shot and the bottom of the bow kicks out just a little but again nothing objectionable. You can still shoot palm open and the bow will sit in your hand through follow thru.

The issues the bow currently has are all minor and it is shooting so well that I might decide to leave well enough alone. I haven't yet had a chance to stretch it out at longer range so some tuning issues may yet surface and I haven't yet had a chance to shoot it over a chrony so I don't know what kind of performance I'm getting but at this point, I'm pretty pleased.

03-20-2010, 12:45 PM
you should check the limb numbers. Someone on this forum can tell you if you actually have 55-70 lb limbs or some other weight. :)

03-20-2010, 01:03 PM
You say you twisted the strings to get the poundage up, but what is your axle to axle length? Worry about getting it right first, then I bet the poundage will come up to specs. Some limbsavers might help with the vibration and noise. Not sure what fletching you are shooting, but I've noticed that shooting Blazers through a biscuit, you are going to get a slight slapping noise. I ended up switching over to regular vanes to get rid of the noise. A peep that uses a tube will also give you a bit of slapping noise. Hope this helps.

03-20-2010, 04:04 PM
Did you just twist the string? If so then this shortens the draw length, drops the draw weight, and let-off becomes less (Percentage). In other words, you're rotating the cam the srong way.

As mentioned, measure the A2A and the brace height. See how close they are to factroy specs. You could add twists to the cables which will add weight, increase let-off, and make the draw length a touch longer.

03-20-2010, 04:36 PM
The max draw is actually 63lbs after twisting the string so BFisher is correct, I was going the wrong way.

If A2A is measured from the middle of each axle pin (don't know what it is really called), the A2A is 29 11/16". If brace height is measured from the outside edge of the string to the deepest inside part of the grip, the brace height is 7 3/16".

The limbs both have written on them in white, 4M on one side and WH on the other side (down close to the riser).

This afternoon I took the bow to Gander Mountain to run it through a chronograph and it was 269fps at 62lbs with 28" draw(maybe less since I was twisting the string the wrong way) with 384gr arrows, cat whiskers, D-loop, peep (no tube) and whisker biscuit. Pretty respectable I think.

03-20-2010, 06:19 PM
BFisher, you certainly know what you are talking about. I put some twists into the cable, took out twists on the string and got the peak draw weight up to 70lbs and yes the draw has lengthened and yes the let-off has increased to about 78%. The A2A is unchanged at 29 11/16" (center of axle pin to center of axle pin). The brace height has increased a smidge to 7 1/4" (measured from the outside of the string to inside edge of the deepest point of the grip).

Also, I should note that I put a pair of Diamond Vibrablocks on the limbs and the noise of the bow is noticably reduced. Kind of surprised me actually. Saw them in the discount rack at Gander Mountain and thought what the heck. Turns out they work.