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03-31-2010, 05:48 PM
Hey all,
As promised by Sonja in Martin CS my new 2010 Firecat TR2 arrived today. Very giddy I tore open the box to inspect it. I looked at the bow sticker first for listed draw wt. 55-70# check. Serial number beginning with a 10 check. Limb deflection, 4M. check( odd that my other replacement limbs for my bad bow were 4H but whatever) Then the weird thing. I look at the DL modules, they are black and plain as day stamped on them it says HYBRIX. Somebody stuck their hand in the wrong bin at assembly or they just ran out of the others. I compared one mod from my old one and these and they are exactly the same. No harm no foul. I moved it to 28" and put the draw stop on 27 1/2" and that felt good. good so far. I check ATA and its 32 13/16" and BH is 6 7/8" so I am going to have to do some twisting. I do not agree that 32 1/4 is the correct ATA for this bow and won’t be going there. I will put it on a scale tomorrow to see what DW is and see what I have to do. Overall I am completely happy with the fit and finish of the bow. I will update you all tomorrow after I twist, tighten, and time it along with what my speeds are through the crony.

03-31-2010, 08:44 PM
OK, now you can change your signature. You now have a 2010 FireCat, not an 09/10 model. Talk to you tomorrow.

04-01-2010, 02:26 PM
Brem, great to hear everything is back and going again for you. My 09 Firecat had a mod with a stripped screw hole when I got it, so now instead of black, my replacement mods are the old silver finish. lol As long as it shoots well, I'm happy.

04-01-2010, 02:38 PM
Hey all,
Update central. per bfishers request my signature has been changed. Went to the shop and installed my set of H&M Strings and cables with a few twists, a G5 3/16" Metapeep, D Loop, and I was ready to roll. ATA 32 7/16", BH 7", DW 70#, DL mod set on 28" and DS at 27.5". Weighed all of my arrows and picked the heaviest(353.8gr) to shoot in the crony. 305, 305, 305. I would have hoped for a little more but am happy with it. Fast, quiet and not broken. Six arrows and I was back to hitting 1" garage sale sticker at 20yds. I walked it back to 33yds using the same pin before I had to move down.
After about 20 shots I noticed the cable servings showing some scuffs so i took off both mods and used an emery board on the edges and now it good to go with no additional wear.