View Full Version : New Kitty Cat Today!!!!!

Walt Hagemeister
04-16-2010, 09:29 PM
I just received my new ShadowCat with Cat 2 Cams today..... Still working on the details but to say the least I am using the 50 yard pin at 60 yards with 3" groups right now. Using my old sticks ( 420gr) and have a dozen new ones with stiffer spline (400 spline - 460gr ) getting put together. Can't wait to sling the new arrows and tune this Cat to it's capabilities. Don't want to get to excited until I am using the new sticks. Also purchased a single pin site that adjusts so quick and easy with a fiber optic that looks like a shooting star in low light..WOW.... I have a long draw of 32.5 and the sticks are whacking it hard enough to move the whole block. Guessing at least 305 fps but we will see when I chronograph it. :):):

04-16-2010, 11:05 PM
Please measure your ATA and make sure that it is 41.5"!

There are ShadowCats with less than 41.5" ATA. This will cause the limbs to break after some shots!

And keep on watching for future ShadowCat-Updates that apply to your bow. maybe there will be something coming.