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05-08-2010, 05:13 PM
Hello All:
I am hoping to get some ideas for a quandry I am in. I bought a new 2009 Firecat with CAT II cams. I have it set up with a peep and put about 20 arrows thru it. Unfortunately, I also recenty damaged my right shoulder and am having problems drawing the bow. I have cranked it down to 60 lbs (its 55-70). I think my issue is more that the cams drop over so late rather than earlier in the draw cycle, making it hard on my shoulder. So I am considering the following and hope to get some thoughts.

1. Put a single cam on it for an easier draw cycle. If I go that route which Martin single cam will work and what kind of speed should I expect witha 29" draw? (I realize speed will depend upon draw weight, so I am assuming all responses will assume a 70lb draw weight.) Any idea of the cost of this?

2. Can I make changes to get the cams to to drop over earlier in the draw cycle? if so what and how difficult is it?

2. Sell the bow and buy a single cam bow. Does the Alein x get 330 fps IBO with a single cam?

Other thoughts?

I am rehabing my shoulder but its been a slow and up and down process... I also bought the Rip archery device, but it didnt help enough.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

05-09-2010, 05:51 AM
I think it'd be best to call Martin and try to change the limbs (with 45-60 or 35-50#). I see you seek speed and a single cam bow can't provide it with a lower poundage.

05-09-2010, 06:03 AM
you can make the firecat let off less aggressive by changing your draw stop/draw length. i havent played with mine in a while, so to be able to tell you exactly how to do it, id have to mess with mine. i think i changes my modules and draw stop. but that kitty was ment to be aggressive, get the alien if you can.

05-11-2010, 03:29 PM
thanks for the comments! Any other ideas from anyone?

05-11-2010, 04:26 PM
thanks for the comments! Any other ideas from anyone?

Yes, here's some food for thought as I have experience with it. You will not be gaining anything my changing to the M2Pro or other single cam. Yes the draw cycle is smoother, but to gain the same performance as the Cat cam you have to shoot approximately 8# more draw weight. So all you're really doing is maintaining a draw weight number. And in all reality I didn't think the M2Pro cam drew that much smoother than the Cat cam.

Is your shoulder problem permanent or temporary? If it's temporary then you might get away with dropping the bow's draw weight below 55#. I'd think you might be able to go as low as 45#. You just have to keep an eye on the threads in the barrel nut in the riser.

I went through this a couple years ago and it was pretty severe. I was able to back of my 55# Pantera (2007) down to 27# with no real problems. It wasn't as quiet due to rubbery rigging, but at least it allowed me to shoot for a while and build strength up over time.

If it is a permanent situation then you might be as well off to get lighter limbs as Alex mentioned. Or, as ezbite said, you can play around with the module and draw stop to make the rollover less abrupt. I'd also advise a draw length check, too. Could be you're stretching out too far and can't control the draw cycle and draw weight (been there, too).

05-11-2010, 10:15 PM
Thanks bfisher. I hope and think the shoulder issue is temporary. It is up and down and I just dont know how it will be for next years hunting season and I need to get shooting again...

I like your ideas. I imagine I should do things in the following order (???):
1. Drop weight
2. then adjust draw stop.
3. then check ATA and wrap string and calbles?.

This is my first dual cam bow, so I would love to find someone here in Las Vegas for assistance. Know anybody?

How much easier is the Alien x to draw? Can you make a comparison?

Thanks again for everyones thoughts! I have never had a shoulder issue before and used to shoot a 70# MQ1 with ease, so this is all new and a bit unexpected.

05-12-2010, 08:53 AM
I hear the Hybrix cam is a bit smoother than the Cat cam, but have no experience with them. If you have read "Finally!!!!!!!!!" then you'll see that I'm expecting an Alien Z in about a week so may have some comparison.

There is a difference in my case though. My FireCat has Cat2 cams and the Alien Z will, or should have the Hybrix 1.5 which may not draw the same as the Hyrix2. Who knows?

I can relate to your shoulder problems. When I lost all my strength three years ago I went from being able to shoot 60# to struggling with 15#---all in a matter of a month. It really did a psychological number on me. I've slowly worked my way back up till I can draw 50#, but I don't control it well. I shot around 47# for a year and am still having problems. What I did was drop the bow back to around 42 to 43# and got proportionately lighter arrows to maintain speed for 3D. So now the bow is shooting a 210 gr arrow at 275 fps at a 26.5" draw. I don't hunt any more so kinetic energy is not an issue. Besides, lots of guys like to shoot with me because my arrows are easier to pull so it's not all bad.

05-12-2010, 01:31 PM
I have a Firecat with the CAT2 cams and an Alien X with the Hybrix 2.0 cams and the AX is much smoother to draw - altho just a bit slower than the FC.

04-26-2011, 03:16 AM
i agree with Spiker comments

04-26-2011, 07:12 AM
thanks for the comments! Any other ideas from anyone?

sorry your having shoulder problems. In my most honest opinion,i think the best possible solution is to trade me your FC for my Cheetah.

04-26-2011, 07:44 AM
sorry your having shoulder problems. In my most honest opinion,i think the best possible solution is to trade me your FC for my Cheetah.

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