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06-16-2010, 05:35 PM
I just got this Threshold bow and it came with a bunch of parts and a little manual, with very little info. The parts are not labled and there is very little info on how to install them. I have no idea how to install the arrow rest and the vibration escape module. At this rate, it will be months before I figure out to put the darn thing together, much less shoot it. There are parts in here I have no idea what they are or where they go. Anyone able to help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Tom C.
Hendersonville, NC

06-17-2010, 04:11 AM
You can check www.bowtuningtips.com ...or we can help. So what you have? I guess some of the parts are the draw lenght modules - you need only one of them - the one that fits your own draw lenght. You must check the chart and put the right module just by screwing the 2 bolts on the cam (if one of them is under the fork of the limb you can either pull the cable towards the riser to turn the cam a little or by turning the limb bolts to take off the pressure of the limbs). Next - the arrow rest - it should be a Martin rest that fits in the riser. Again it's a matter of 2 bolts. For the adjusting you need to know more things, so i'd say use bowtuningtips or go to your dealer. It's not difficult at all, but i don't want to explain it here,because my post gonna be too long. The same with the nocking point, but i think it's already installed by the factory. The sight - two screws again, adjusting the pins at 20,30, 40, etc. yards is your job :) The stabilizer (if you have one) fits in a special threaded hole just below the handle. There are two types of quivers - a single piece and of two pieces. If you have the first it must be connected to the sight...again with 2 screws :D Well, that's all. If you'll shoot with a release, you can put a d-loop on the string. It's very easy, but can't be explained (or at least my English doesn't allow me to do it), so you'd better use the website i told you about or the videos in YouTube.
:confused: I've just seen that you ask about the VEMs - they are installed on the riser and i haven't heard of a bow coming without them. If you mean something like Bowjax or Limbsaver - they must be put on the inside surface of the limbs about 2 inches from the fork.

06-17-2010, 06:41 AM
Another Martin venture, AT. Go to following link. Just about everything is in there, even a dictionary. If I remember correcly, one video shows set up from start to finish. The second link is for the loop.



06-18-2010, 05:58 AM
just take it to the pro shop thats what i did.... same bow no issues with it I LOVE IT to be xact Threshold bow with all the stock attachments and tuned in very nicely 1st pin shooots up to 30 yards/then 40/then 50 very little drop thru out the whole yardage increase very nice bow when put together rite