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10-13-2006, 07:48 PM

Which Martin Longbows complain with IFAA Rules for the longbow class? From the images I would say that only the Stick complains with the rules. How about the Savannah Longbow?

The rules can be read at: http://www.ifaa-archery.org/pages/IFAA%20Book%20of%20Rules%202005.pdf
page 18 ...

a. A one piece straight ended bow of any material, which when strung
displays one continued unidirectional curve, which is measured as
When the strung bow is placed with the bowstring in a vertical position,
the angle as measured between the tangent of any point on the limb and
an imaginary horizontal line must always decrease as this point is moved
further away from the bow grip.
Tip reinforcing not exceeding " in height, as measured from the surface
of the bow limb and not exceeding 1" in length as measured from the
limb tip will be permitted.

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Jack NZ
10-13-2006, 10:00 PM
Most of the Martin line don't make that grade.
Neither do most of the new hybrid type bows out there today.
What we call Hill style is about it for IFAA shoots.
I personaly think a rule change is long over due.
There's some beautifull bows being made today that should have a class dedicated to them.
Take Martins new Bamboo Viper,,,,,,,,,wow what a bow huh.