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08-26-2010, 06:13 PM
anyone shoot with the hind sight ? put one on a moab today, got it shooting real good with my 20 yard pin , having trouble with the 10 , and 30 yard pin, are those things designed to shoot with a single pin sight?

08-27-2010, 06:33 AM
You can use them with a multi pin but the way you actually 'sight' is a bit different than normal.
HindSights instructions:
When using multiple pins with our standard models, you must center the same pin for all distances. We recommend the 20 yard pin for this purpose but you may chose any distance pin that you desire. The picture above shows the red middle pin as the centering pin. The red pin is located in the center of the pin guard. When placed in the cross hairs, the pin guard is now in alignment with the rear sight ring. Once you decide which pin will be your centering pin and what distance it will be set at, place it in the center of the pin guard. Because the cross hairs are centered in the rear sight ring, your rear sight and front pin guard (if round) will appear as one equal circle. You must always center this pin in the cross hairs no matter what distance is being targeted. To use your other pins, simply place your centering pin in the cross hairs and your distance pin of choice on target. To understand this better, let's say that you only had one pin sighted in at 20 yards and you wanted to take a 40 yard shot. You would hold high on your target using the 20 yard pin centered in the cross hairs. Now if you add a 40 yard pin to your sight, you will still center the 20 yard pin in the cross hairs and hold high, placing the 40 yard pin on target. Always center the same pin for all distances. This will insure that you hold the bow the same way no matter what distance you are targeting. When using more than 3 sight pins you may want to chose a pin in the middle range as your centering pin so that you can see all of the pins in the rear sight ring. Modern sights employ round pin guards. This design works best with our rear sight ring because your eye naturally gravitates to the center of a circle. If you place your centering pin in the center of your round pin guard, the rear sight ring and the pin guard will now automatically line up for a scope like viewing of your target.

08-29-2010, 08:37 AM
i didn't get any instructions with my sight, but what you showed makes since. will give it a try , thank you very much.