View Full Version : AtA and Brace Height adjustment???

09-09-2010, 06:46 AM
I have a 2010 Firecat with the Cat2 Cams. The AtA is 32.5 and the brace height is 7.25. Specs say they should be 32.25 and 7. If I twist the string to bring the AtA down, won't this take the BH up more? How do I adjust this to bring it back into specs??? Thanks

09-09-2010, 07:35 AM
OK, what's the draw weight range of the bow? Are you measuring things with the limbs bottomed? If not then that's how specs are measured.

Using a scale don't be surprised if it's 3-5# heavier than what the sticker says. If the weight is low then you need to twist up the cables and/or remove twists from the string or a combination of the two.

Before you start take a encil and draw a line on the left side of the cams where they pass through the limb forks. This is to mark the cam orientation and reference the draw length because as you change the string and cable lengths it changes the cam orietation and draw length. Later on you may need to change the location of the draw length module.

Work on the brace height mainly and don't worry so much about the A2A. Neither has to be dead on. If you get them within 1/8" they'll be close enough. Don't forget. The measurements are taken with the limbs bottomed.

Another way to get started is to remove the string and cables and measure their lengths with about 100# of pressure applied to them. Stretch them out, measure, and twist/untwist to get them to advertised specs, then reinstall them, then reinstall them and remeasure the bow. It should be close.

When you're done take an arrow or straight edge and hold it to the front face of the limb. Now measure at 90 degrees from the straight edge to the butt end of the limb. You're now measuring the limb deflection. If it hold true to mine the measurement should be about 2 3/4" with the limbs bottomed.

Try this for starters and see where it gets you. Once you have the specs close reset the draw weight to what you want and readjust the module and draw stop to your desired weight and length.