View Full Version : Martin Threshold cam bush..what could cause??

09-21-2010, 04:26 AM
Hi, noobie here! Any suggestions to this problem: I recently imported 3x brand "new" Martin Threshold 60-70lbs bows..on one the binding on the cable was a bit tatty so I took it in to an archery shop and they said rather replace the cable[so I suspect the bow had been used before]...so they did...I shot 12 arrows with it and found it mighty noisy. I sold this bow to a customer who came back two weeks later and showed me the bow..the cam was leaning heavily to one side and it looked like the bushing had collapsed..he said he took it to the archery shop and they said it was of poor quality. I gave him another bow..brand new in the box...he came back 3 weeks later with the same problem..
Any ideas what could cause this to happen?