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09-22-2010, 09:38 PM
early last week i started hearing a clicking everytime id draw my alien X and it was getting louder by the day. i checked my module screws and the very top screw on the top cam and the very bottom screw on the bottom cam are stripped?? i called and talked to Joel at martin. he said no problem with replacing the mods, but he has to send them to a martin dealer. Joel sent them to my proshop, i dont understand why he could not just send them to me, no big deal as long as i get them, so i waited. my shop got them in today and i took him in my bow. he said he'd need to keep it overnight. im not too sure why because it was about 7pm. plenty of time to swap mods and he said he'd be there till midnight, its only 4 screws, cant take more than 10 minutes. i reminded him bow season starts saturday. he said no problem it'll be done tomorrow after 3. i told him that i start work at 2:30. he said i open at 3, i might be here eariler, so call. i told him that still doesnt do me any good. so i then said how about friday morning? he said im closed friday. so it looks like i have to use a sick day that ive been saving for bow season just to pick up my bow. im not to happy about it, but what can you do? i cant hunt with my bow making this click, its gotten loud. im really wanted to be there when he changed the mods because when i bought my firecat there last oct, he stripped out my upper mod when we were adjusting them, then he tried to charge me for the replacement he had to take off another firecat he had on the rack for sale. maybe im worried about nothing, i hope so, just not too happy about spending a sick day for something that only takes 10 minutes to do or leaving my bow somewhere overnight. im also wondering if im going to need to pay for this if he tries to charge me. i assume this is warrenty work because Joel sent the mods to a dealer and not me. im not tring to bad mouth my proshop guy, im just concerned and venting a little. anyone have any thoughts? good or bad?

09-23-2010, 07:02 AM
I very sorry to hear that.I know how you feel last year I had the same problem with a broken limb ,but I had to send my limb to martin.Before they sent my new ones to me.I don't have a martin deal within 325 miles.So I lucked out with them sending them to my house.By the time mine got to them and the new ones got to my house it was 3 weeks.I was stressed, they did not get to me till 1 week after archery started.So I missed my first 4 day Archery quota.When I received them, I spent that hole day and through out the night, Tuning my bow,sighting it in and broadhead tuning.I can't imagine have to wait for a dealer to do it, it might have been an extra week or more before I got it back.That was a very stressful day.Don't mean to scare ya.I wonder if martin thought possibly that you stripped out the screws Yourself And maybe thats why they had you go to a dealer.Because a simple modual change dosen't take a brain sergeant to do.Good luck my friend hope this works out for you.

09-23-2010, 07:06 AM
Sorry to hear about your trouble.....I was sent some new limbs by Joel to replace the broken limbs on my WartHog (only 14 arrows through the bow), and they, too, had to go through the "Pro-Shop". My "Pro-Shop" was too busy for two weeks to put them on for me, though. Anyway, when I finally did get them installed, they presented me with a $50.00 bill for their work. Of course, I was upset too. Not only paid $750.00 for 14 shots on my new bow, but then I had to pay for the repair labor, getting the tariff up to $800.00. (Who said that Martins were less expensive?). Anyway, sometimes you just can't win, but I would believe that they'll charge you for their labor. Man, I long for the days of 10years ago when a new bow simply worked.....and worked and worked.

09-23-2010, 08:41 AM
i just called the shop and of course, no answer. guess i'll go sit in the parking lot till 2, then i'll have to decide to call off or not if he's not there and wait till 3:(

09-23-2010, 03:19 PM
After hanging out in the proshops parking lot till 2:20 I came to work. I figured I'd go over and get it at lunch because he's only 20 min away from where I work, you know take a long lunch and I REALLY don't want to waste a sick day. I called the shop at about 4:30 an ITS NOT DONE!(alot of good it would have done me even if he came early to the shop or if I Took the day off). So I asked him when's it going to be ready, it's a 10 minute job. He asked me what time I get off work, I told him 11pm. He then said call him 15 minutes before I get off and come over?? WTH? If he plans on doing it then, why wait? I still had plenty of time before lunch break, which I explaned to him on the phone and he just said I'll be waiting for your call and hung up on me! Sooooooooo here I am, wondering if I'm actually getting my bow tonight or some more bullcrap. Time will tell. I tell you one thing, his tip is staying in my wallet.lol

09-23-2010, 04:31 PM
I had a Firecat limb split, I carried it to my dealer, he called Martin and got new repair parts. back in business in 5 days. Did not cost me a penny.I like my dealer.
And my Martin Bows.

09-23-2010, 05:19 PM
Don't know why your dealer is draggin' his butt, but contracts have something to do with the parts issue and then maybe your dealer is to inspect something.

I've heard of the screw holes stripping out on another Martin product.

Odd thing, especially when a year ago I had to drill and grind the head of a mod screw in a Firecat to get the dang thing out. All the screws were super tight, just the one was really froze. Busted one allen wrench and bent another and then finally rounded out the hole.

09-23-2010, 08:07 PM
MORE BULLCRAP!! i called the shop at 11:04 pm like i was told to do by the owner this afternoon. i then was told by the owner that he didnt get to it yet:mad:. he said he was about a half an hour away from my bow, i said, it'll take me 20 minutes to get there so ill just come over now and wait, he tells me no, no, no, it'll be ready tomorrow:confused: i said but you told me you were closed on fridays. he said, oh i am, but i open but by appointment only. so i asked him, what time do you want me there now, he said to call him after 2pm. im starting to get pissed off, i think he's dragging he feet because its warrenty work and he wont make any money from it. (im guessing thats the delay, because i cant think of any other reason). its a 10 minute job that he surely could of easily done by now. if its not done tomorrow at 3 im calling martin while i stand in front of him and see if i can just pick up the mods and install them myself. this is really starting to bug me, this is the exact reason i learned to do the work myself and quit going to this guy.:mad: sorry, just venting a little more.lol.

09-24-2010, 02:49 PM
went over to the shop as soon as i got back into town at 2:10 today. owner was inside and my alien was ready. after a little small talk i asked "how much do i owe you" he said well i have to ship back the modules to martin, so i guess 7 or 8 bucks. only cash i had was a 10. i gave it to him and left. i still dont see what the big deal was changing the mods. but im just happy to have my bow back. however, one little thing. he didnt put them on right. their off a few holes, when i drew back the bow there was no clicking, but i also didnt have much of a let off. no biggie, a quick hole switch and now im treestand ready. thanks Joel im greatful for your help.:D

09-24-2010, 05:26 PM
wow dude i think i would have went opening day in that dudes parking lot fer sure news at 11 , mad bow hunter scores owner of bow shop dropped like a rock , i reallY dont think i could have took that to long , i would have asked him to try out thE bow ,and could u let me have a arrow please , stand in front please do i have a cam lean um WACK!!!!!!!!!!! , DEAD OWNER NEWS AT11 LOL :eek::eek::eek: