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11-03-2006, 05:16 AM
I have a Slayer SE II bow on which I just put new B cams and standard mods in order to get my draw correct. It had C cams with standard mods on it. My question is this. I have 4L limbs with as said new B cams and standard mods with new strings and cables at (Shoot String: 52.75" Split String: 39.25"). What is my poundage range going to be? Man what a diffrence I saw. What kind of speed can I expect with a 385 grain arrow?

11-03-2006, 01:06 PM
The current charts are not real clear, but here's what I am thinking. On the Nitrous cam charts, below the Slayer specs, there is an R-31 designation.... this might be for the Slayer w/ 13" limbs - I see that the 4L designation makes a 55# draw w/ the C cam there. I believe the 13" limbs were only offered on the Slayer w/ C cams - I am not a dealer, so I may be wrong on that, but that's what I recall reading.

If my assumption is correct, and you have put B cams on 13" limbs and used the standard B cam string chart, then your string specs may be somewhat out of whack. Per the 2006 Nitrous cam chart, a Slayer with 14" Magnum limbs and B cams would use 4H limbs to get 70#. So with 14" Magnum limbs and B cams a 4L should yield about 66#. If you have 13" limbs, I am not sure what difference that would make. If my assumption about the R-31 code designation on the chart is correct, the string lengths being off could also affect the felt draw weight.

Now that I have muddied the water more, I suggest you call Martin and talk to JoelC or Jake to see what they can tell you.


11-03-2006, 01:13 PM
It just hit me that the R-31 designation on the Nitrous chart might be a Rytera model, and sure enough, I looked at the Rytera website and see that it is.......

But, the 13" versus 14" limb question, and the potential difference in string and cable lengths is still something you should check out.