View Full Version : old bow tech ?

oil can dan
11-19-2010, 03:09 AM
any know about set up proceedure, when threading in a new cable on old style tear drop cables? I was playing around with an old bear probably from the mid 80's or so, that the cables were shot, I had another old set laying around. I cut to the same length and got two cables matched up perfectly,threaded them through the eccentrics,then crimped a loop on the ends, making sure end to end length remained identical. I started putting it back together, when i accured to me that I had no idea how much of the cable I should pull out of the cam on the tear drop end for the string. Too much and the cables will be extra tight with a looser string, and not enough the string will be extra tight and the cables looser. I don't know if the cables should be tigher than the string if, so how much. or is it supposed to be equally balanced? how do the old school bow mechanics do it?:confused:, thanx for any education here.