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12-28-2010, 06:04 AM
I first want to ask what it matters where I am from. I am I. Fact from Florida born and raised in the USA! Iwas not over gripping the bow! I have plenty of experience shooting! This is however the first Martin bow I have owned. I put on an aluminum speed slide and pendulum sight because it was Christmas eve and I was goin hunting the next morning! No stores were open to get what I needed to have it ready for the next morning. Those were extras I had! Why is it that everyone assumes the worst? Could it have just been a defective part! The bow had only been shot maybe 50 times at targets and at two deer! I appreciate all of the info!

12-28-2010, 07:36 AM
Why are you so testy? Some people here are just nice beings and interested in their environment. I think that nobody here wants fo offend you so there is no need to feel this way..

We cannot help you without ANY information. You did not show us pictures nor did you post any information regarding your bow, drawweight, drawlength, arrows and so on. How can you expect us to help. What do you want us to say?

'Ooooh, must be a lemon!!!!11111111'

Kind of funny, actually...

12-28-2010, 07:38 AM
OK, asking about where you're from wasn't meant to be offensive i am sure. Just there are a couple of guys here from Europe and we'd like our group to increase. :) I've never heard about Al sliders and thought that there's some mistake in your post - sorry about this. The situation sounds very bad - you've changed a part of the bow and if there's any damage on it most likely it won't be covered by the warranty. I think that the best is to visit your dealer or another archery pro-shop. The bow must be fully inspected and fixed (if needed). Good luck!