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12-28-2010, 12:03 PM
Not really new to archery, I bought my Bear recurve in 1973 when I was 15 and still shoot it.Had a couple other recurves over the years. They are simple.
I'm new to compounds and I've bought a couple older ones to target shoot with because I don't hunt and didnt want to buy a new bow with stuff on it I don't even know what it is.The Martin I bought feels good, but like I said, I need more draw and weight.I actually bought it hoping my wife would try. No success. I like 45lbs and the bow suppose to top out at 45, but I put it on a scale and only get around 36. It feels good and is good for technique, but no distance or power.
I can shoot instinctively fairly well and have no desire for a sight, etc
I just want the bow I'm trying to shoot with perform well and feel natural for me when drawing and aiming.
I also bought a Hoyt medalist, which I wanted for myself.
The Martin feels best, the Hoyts grip feels big, however it ranges from 45-60. Plenty of power. Been trying to tune them in today best I know how, I almost got depressed. Another day and my nerves will be calm. I wish I could put the two together and make one. But I shall not give up. I've put a pic up of both. I just enjoy older bows. Maybe I need to buy a new one?


One weak bow, one bow that doesnt feel right, and a wife that says its boring. And laid off from work.
What a week.

12-28-2010, 12:49 PM
Most likely the bow has lost some weight during the years - can't say whether the string and cable are stretched or it's the limbs. If you visit an archery pro shop they can tell what's wrong and will fix it. But the idea of a new bow sounds good (if you are really interested in compound bowshooting).