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01-12-2011, 04:04 PM
There a guy I know from our hunting forum who bought Firecat TR1 and here's the problem he had: "I have been so excited the last few days getting a good deal on my bow then finally getting it. Well it is in the mail on the way back to Martin. I was just putting on the final touch on it. Doing peep serving when I noticed a major fray on the string near the idler wheel. I had pulled the bow back a few times to measure arrows and adjust the peep etc. On futher investigation the idler wheel has some very sharp and rough edges on it, in one place you can feel where it has slightly higher rough metal. That wheel should have never left the factory. I believe the string was cut going over the wheel.
I called Martin and they are going to look after me but I am sure I won't see it for a few weeks xmas and all. I am so dissapointed I can't even put it in words. I will have to set it up all over again plus my shipping costs etc. Well I supose it could have broke while shooting it, not good!

This was December 10th. He called today and they said his bow still isn't ready. Like me, he's from BC which is the neighboring province to WA state.

I am puzzled by this since I heard nothing but good things regarding Martin's service. From what I heard, it should have been a very quick fix. Disappointing to say the least.

What makes it even worse for me is the fact he bought that bow because of me. :( Now I feel terrible.

01-12-2011, 10:50 PM
Such things happens, especially in this time of the year (new models, ATA show,etc.). Hope he'll soon receive his fixed bow. And you have no reason to feel terrible - the TR1/MOAB is a great bow.