Dream hunt

  1. Simple Life
    Simple Life
    What's your dream bow hunt?
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  2. Hutch~n~Son Archery
    Hutch~n~Son Archery
    My dream hunt would be in my backyard during deer season and no other hunter.

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  3. NuttyNative
    An archery Elk or Moose hunt with Fred Eichler. That guy is real in my opinion.
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  4. cyclepath
    I've always wanted to do an elk hunt but here in MN you may as well dream. I have thought about going out of state but just not able to relax and enjoy when I know I'm on the clock. I'm not sure now though, after seeing that video of the guy 3 feet away from death, I still can't get over the size of that bull! Anyway, I will continue to dream about an elk hunt while I am still able to dream. Thanks for waking me up, now I go back to sleep.
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  5. gravedigger
    mine would be abel to get save the $100 i need to get my deer\elk tag and my hunting licence for this years hunt.its still 50/50 if my bow will put meat in the freazer this year.if not...theres allways next year.....in relation to this i have this year.got my time off put in for 9 days of hunting(unless i have a funeral)all set up.my buddy is loaning me my tag money and im going on my elk hunt.hell ya
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  6. Rangerj
    Trophy Whitetail,Elk and Bear.All with my bow of course.
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  7. Money Man
    Money Man
    Would have been to go hunting with my grandfather in the woods behind his house. I've hunted there my entire life, but when I started hunting he couldn't get around in and out of the woods too good, so it never happened. I still sit in spots where he used to hunt and remember all the old stories he used to tell.
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  8. Destroyer
    Follow in the footsteps of Fred Bear, do some of the same hunts he did. Otherwise, just a simple backpack hunt for elk.
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