Drawing tools/shooting machines!!

  1. Hutch~n~Son Archery
    Hutch~n~Son Archery
    Post up your drawing boards or shooting machines.

    This machine has saved me plenty of time. I use it for trouble shooting, as well as , checking dl, timing, noises, idler lean, arrow clearance and arrow tuning. It is not that expensive to build. I built this one for $60. dollars.

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  2. MLN1963
    Here is the draw board I whipped together. I had read that you should offset the pull point from the handle about 3" so I built a double so I can flip the bow over and check the other side. It works good for me since the draw modules are on one side and the draw stop on the other. Could I have used one anchor in the middle? You bet but I hadn't seen a double so built one. I used the ratchet pulley like MudPig since I couldn't find a cheap hand crank winch and didn't want to wait a week to have one delivered. It may not be greatest but it works just fine. I have under $20 with everything. I have a small turn buckle that goes between the anchor and rope. It works great for getting precise lengths. Like stopping exactly when the cams roll over or setting a exact draw length.

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