1. boobowbender
    finally did something with those four big garbage bags full of walmart bags i've been saving for months now.
    Aquired a commericial roll of shrink wrap from a friend who used to drive semi.
    Now how do i stuff all these bags into something tight enough to stop arrows from a smokin hot martin you ask? well this didn't happen over night!
    first i stuffed a pretty large box ( a high chair box) with the bags laying them flat. only got it about 3/4 full with all my weight on it(230lb).
    shot at the box for a couple days with a weight keeping bags compressed. actually worked quite well

    now i got an idea! Amy thinks i'm crazy and she is not interested in helping me wtih my fantastic idea, but it will take two.
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  2. boobowbender
    I carefully laid a 8 to 10 ft piece of wrap one way and then another perpendicular to that forming an x. and heres where i needed help. carefully take the stuffed box and empty the contents in the middle of the x and wrap it like a present. now get crazy with the shrink wrap and dont stop untill your sick of all the negative commets from your better half(i don't know where they ever came up with that phrase). with each wrap be sure to put all your weight on the target to remove any air
    enogh typing bs check it out about 18 x 18 x 8
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  3. boobowbender
  4. boobowbender
  5. boobowbender
  6. Hutch~n~Son Archery
    Hutch~n~Son Archery
    Well done boobowbender! Saves a lot of money when you build your own stuff. We build all our own targets. Too many shooters at our house. Or is that not enough shooters.LOL!

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