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  1. elkslayer4x5
    At the Sebastapol Bowhunter's practice range, we would find parts of flint arrowheads. In fact, the club members found them all over the range, we has 42 targets on that range, While preping the parking area for our annual novelty shoot, I found a 5 inch speer point. Great little club, our novelty shoot had the earlist 3D targets in California, each winter we'd spend two nights a week making paper mache animals, including a 12 foot tall Giraffe
    I took a hand full of the points my son and I found on the sight in range and put them into a resin cast. An outline of California, one of the points does not belong with this group. Which one of the 12 ? Of course most of these points are broken, a point here a ferrule there.
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  2. Bent Arrow
    Bent Arrow
    That is too cool.
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