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  1. Thanks:mad: for all your help. Sold the Bow...

    Thanks:mad: for all your help. Sold the Bow today on e-bay. I am getting a new PSE Chaos. Should be a good starter . I Miss the Martin already. It was a beautiful bow.
  2. Want to Lower Draw Weight on my 2009 Martin Mystic HELP !.

    I have a 2009 Martin Mystic 40-50# Draw Weight

    I need to lower the draw weight to a:(bout 25-28# to start with. I have 4H Limbs on it now. I tried a pair of 3M limbs and it only got it down to...
  3. 09 Martin Mystic -Need to lower poundage HELP

    I am brand new to archery. My husband just got me my 2009 Martin Mystic yesterday. My Bow # 0913614 has Furious Cams. The ratings on it are:
    40-50 lb
    26" - 29" Draw Length

    When I went to the...
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