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  1. getting fixed

    Took it to dicks today, they are going to replace the string and install an adjustable bar to release some of the tension, it has the string that is half black, half yellow but I'm going to get a...
  2. M2 cam

    Another question, I noticed that on the side of the cam there are two string anchor positions labeled "1" and "2", what is the difference? mine is stock at pos 1, thanks
  3. replys

    Thanks everyone for all the good info, I'm going to smooth it with fine grit, just wanted some opinions before I did anything that might void the warranty, but the string has at least 1 strand busted...
  4. Dicks Martin bone hunter, idler pulley cutting string

    Just picked up a bone hunter from dicks sporting goods, shot it maybe 40 times now the string is starting to cut on the idler pulley on top, the piece that holds the strings to the side for arrow...
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