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  1. Thread: New Nemisis

    by Z-MAN

    Bow tune

    First nice looking bow next do you get a left tear when shooting through paper standing back about 5-6 yrds? I did with my Alien Z that's why the question. Anyway shoot your best!
  2. Thread: WTB Rytera Limbs

    by Z-MAN

    WTB Rytera Limbs

    Looking for a set of def 135 Barnsdale limbs let me know what you have. THANKS!!
  3. still have hope

    still looking !!
  4. where are you?

    Anyone know where I could get some used 65 or 70lb limbs in good condition?
  5. Still have my HOPES up

    Just send PM if you have a set
  6. Help!!

    Someone has a set just need the right person to spot this post
  7. Still Looking

    Thank you for the limb information Scepterman30x and good luck on your sale on A.T.
  8. Used would be ok

    THANKS For the information Archerx7 just might call Barnsdale if I cannot locate a nice used set somewhere. Trying to keep cost down ya know.

    Thanks Cyclepath you found the set I'm looking for...
  9. HELP !!! Looking to purchase a set of 13" Barnsdale limbs

    Just joined this site and would like information on where the best place might be for purchasing a set of limbs for my Alien Z. I need Barnsdales #135 any help would be appreciated for sure. I have...
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