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  1. thanks!

    Thanks so much this was extremely helpful!
  2. PMed ya??

    Sorry but I do not understand the lingo. PMed ya Layne??? please interpret also are you saying I should go to a smaller guide and put an inner slide on it?
  3. Does this Bow require and supposed to have a Cable guide?

    I bought a 1996 ish Martin Ted Nugent Ultimate Beast on ebay and it cable without a cable guide on the Cable Guard Bar. Is this bow suppose to have a Cable guide on it? If so, how do I get one?
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    Z Cams with a 2X Module


    This Z Cam is on my Ted Nugent XRG Series Bow. It has a 2x Module on it. Does anyone know what Draw Length this gives me?5661
  5. Thanks

    Thanks soooooo much!
  6. Ted Nugent Ultimate Beast XRG Series Bow

    I bought this Bow and there is no writing on the Bow giving me any spec's. Does anyone know what the Spec's are on this Bow or any other information. Any owner's manual's out there? It's made by...
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