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    old timers and their beliefs

    My father believes this is essential. He also hates the fact that i shoot rage mechanicals.
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    Ok you guys missed my point

    I am not switching arrows I am looking for the best place to buy them online. Sorry I must not have been clear.
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    New bow update and one question

    To all the complainers out there i will buy your martin bows. Needless to say that means my expirence has been awesome. The bow is around the two thousand arrow mark. I cant remember the last time...
  4. Replied to your pm.

    Pm replied to. Thanks, Kent
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    5575 cut off?

    I am shooting 5575 at 70# draw weight. With the 100 grain broad head these were exactly what was recommended to me by my shop. What do you mean by cut off?
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    Gold Tip XT Hunter 5575 with 100 Grain Rage

    I am shooting what seems like the exact same thing you are and I am getting accuracy. I am sure it could be better as all things can but I am in the new stages so I figure things will tighten up...
  7. Target Panic

    I understand the concept however I don't understand why I have never experienced this while shooting a firearm of any sort. I am no IDPA world champ or anything but I can achieve a nice group around...
  8. ON here every day

    I have to admit as I have been shooting the new bow every day I am becoming addicted to this as well. I run a decent bit of business online especially this time of year so lately this has...
  9. Dry Firing

    No AD here I always keep the trigger finger away. Thanks for the warning though. I am seriously considering having an arrow knocked for the next bear encounter. I have called F&G more times than I...
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    Why well because the field tips, practice broad heads, and the real thing all group in the same spot without sight adjustment. Also I experimented with my old bow last year shooting out of my ground...
  11. Targets???

    Common guys show some pics of a really elaborate shooting range setup you have. With all the time spent shooting I am sure there are more than a few crazy setups out there. If not maybe I'll have...
  12. So for the rookie in the room......

    Are we advocating or not advocating the shooting through of the car windows. If so I propose a quad. Through the truck windows and the subaru windows. Hell well even go out the back window of the...
  13. You misunderstood

    Lol when I said shooting setups I meant home target setups not the actual bows. Lol nice pics though n
  14. Moving Bear Target

    A. S.

    I will be when it is legal however in the mean time I will continue to draw on him with no arrow knocked and at least feel what it looks like for real. I was on foot with him a month ago...
  15. Show off your shooting setups Pictures required

    So I apologize if this has been done here before. I am interested in Ideas on shooting setups. Therefore a thread where you can show yours off might just help me. Please post pictures along with...
  16. Helpful as always

    So I am not alone in the 3D thing. I was thinking about a Bear target however I do have the small problem of the fact that the bear actually comes through my property and into my back yard. If I...
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    On another thread I had posted my progress and the bow is doing well for me. Wick, you are correct it is a quick tune 360. I like it now that I am used to it however at first arrows would slip off...
  18. 40 arrows with the new martin and all in the kill zone

    This thing is sighting in better and better. I am loving the let off and my ability to hold and wait for a shot. I held the bow today to a 90 second count and still was able to hit the mark. I...
  19. WTS Brand New Lyman Deerstalker Flintlock In Box Never Fired

    This is a 50 Cal Flintlock Lyman Deerstalker. I have never fired it and have never even loaded it. It has been in the closet for years and going through hunting gear I discovered it. It is...
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    Ok so no in other words the alignment was off causing an improper sight picture. I ammstarting to get it.
    Regards, Vermonter
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    All above were checked and found to be fine until.....

    I decided to simply adjust the sight height by moving the entire sight up not just the pin I was working at the time. I put the pins back where I found them originally and simply moved the whole...
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    Peep too high

    Well Splitter this was an excersize in draw consistency however your drawing with eyes closed trick seems to have proven that the peep is on target. Out of ten draws it only appeared out of whack...
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    Simple Life

    So how long do you consider string break in to be? I thought of paper tuning but I am not set up for it so it would be a trip to the shop.

    Thanks, Vermonter
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    A little sighting in headach kinda

    Ok so the good news is I am grouping with the new bow. The even better news is that I am grouping almost perfectly for windage to the point where I could hunt with it if not for the bad news.
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    Rest Issue

    I thought I had an issue with my rest as well from a different package. I believe it is the same rest you have. The rest is adjustable to arrow size and when I did so with my own Allen wrench it...
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