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  1. sticky fingers

    I know how the deer are moving by the stand I am hunting in the morn, I just don't know what time. I had a ground blind stole out on that property this year and don't want my trail cams lifted. I...
  2. No buck yet

    Thanks Hutch, I havent killed my buck yet. Hopefully I will in the morn if they will move cause of this snow.
  3. I felt good taking the shot

    My max range is 40 yards, I had no fear of the shot. I think in the heat of the moment I didn't realize how hard the deer was quartered. It worked to my favor.

    10 days of archery season left in...
  4. Massive blood

    When I shot this deer it left a "MASSIVE" blood trail. In ohio we get these archery doe tags for 15$ but they expire after 2 months from the start of archery season. I was close to the expiration on...
  5. cool shot

    ask me about this shot.
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    4 days

    My son got his first bow 4 days ago. The first day he could'nt even pull it back on his own. now he's making shots a 20 yards. This pic is 10...
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    30 yards

    This is my best group out of 5, but I am pleased.
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    Martin is ok

    Martin is ok, 80% depends on your local martin dealer. Also look at the other brands he sells. The best dealer in my area which is an hour and a half away sells mathews which means he is probably a...
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    1 inch group

    This is only ten yards, I am pleased however. I had my bow paper tuned saturday after breaking in my new string with a lot of shooting. 60 days till bow season here in OH-IO!
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    Swish's 09 Bengal

    Once I got everything correct on my bow, I am very pleased. This Martin Rocks!
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    Good customer service

    First of all thanx to Joel,
    Ive had a tuff go buying a "new bow". I was shooting a old Matin Lynx I bought from a buddy. Well i just got back into bow hunting after a 21 year break. Back in December...
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    May be the CCS

    I have been having a bad time with my 09 bengal. My string started fraying so I added an CCS. Once this was added my bow started have all this noise. My former bowtech must have lost one of the...
  13. I understand what you are saying, Is there a...

    I understand what you are saying, Is there a remedy? I wouldn't want to spook a deer (not that it is that loud).
  14. I have ordered a set of Americas Best for my bow....

    I have ordered a set of Americas Best for my bow. One of the reasons I added the CCS was my bowstring started fraying where the string went thru the teflon guide. The only problem is that when I draw...
  15. ?How good is my Bengal w/ STS & CCS?

    I have added an STS and a CCS to my "09" Bengal. Does this make it comparible to any of the pro-line bows?
    jassen swisher
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    Martin is my first compound

    I just got back into shooting, In high school I shot a recurve then after my sophmore year i didnt shoot untill last year (22 years). Bought a Martin lynx off a buddy but it was at 73 lbs and very...
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    just went to a QAD Hunter

    I have a "09" Bengal, Was using and old fall away rest from an old martin lynx, Just bought the QAD Hunter, Love it. I get tighter groups. That older rest had some play in it and was causing me some...
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    New to the forum

    I have been bowhunting 1 season. Bought a 09 bengal in december. Still have a lot to learn on shooting a compound correctly. Started the last bow season w/ a Martin lynx. I was glad to find...
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