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    Ditto on the Barnsdale limbs. I have many...

    Ditto on the Barnsdale limbs. I have many thousands of shots on my barnsdale equipped 2010 Alien X with no limb problems. Personally I would spend the $150 for the Barnsdale limbs.
  2. 2010 Alien X string and cable lengths for rod and slide setup

    I switched from the CCS system to a 3/8" rod and teflon slide. The rod I used has a 1/2" offset which allows me to set the vane to cable clearance to a minimum.
    The original string length is 54 5/8"...
  3. Right Hand 2009 Rytera Alien X Riser- where can I find one?

    I have a L.H. 2009 Alien X that I would switch to R.H. if I could find a R.H. riser. 2010 riser would work, not sure after that.
    I could sell and look for a R.H., thought I'd pursue this first-...
  4. okayyyy..... I'm convinced-it's not such a good...

    I'm convinced-it's not such a good idea.
    I'm going to purchase either the silencer or the cougar with nitro cams.
    I have an '09 Alien X with the Hybrix 2.0 cams and it just shoots...
  5. 2012 Martin Silencer Pro w/ Fury XT single cam-convert to HybriX?

    That's the question- can I install the Hybrix 2.0 cams on this bow, and then use the stock strings and cables that are used on this bow when its equipped with the nitro cams?
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    Flanged bearing-.1875" X .5000" X .1960"

    Flanged, double sealed,grease lubricated, ABEC 1 chrome steel- available from Grainger, Dayton#1ZGE5, also generic part# FR3-2RS. About $8 each. You can find them on the internet cheaper- about $4...
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