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    click noise on 09 cheetah

    just wanted to let Buggles know that i took his advice and loosened the limb bolts all the way out greased everything and now i have no more popping noises. super quiet on the draw. thanks a...
  2. 2009 cheetah

    thanks for your input. i'm pretty sure that its in the limb bolt. had someone else listen to the bow on full draw and they said the noise was coming from that area. i don't have a bow...
  3. 2009 cheetah

    your right justin. it is around the limb bolt area.. best thing i can think of is take it to a pro shop and let them try and figure out if it the bolt or the limb. thanks to everyone for the info,...
  4. cheetah 2009

    well using three sets of ears the noise is definently coming from the limb/draw wt. screw. do i need to get a new round plastic cap thing that goes over the hole? tks rj
  5. thanks for your replies will use ur info and see...

    thanks for your replies will use ur info and see if i can locate the problem
  6. martin cheetah click tink problem on full draw

    2009 martin cheetah. took some tension off limbs yesterday and have developed a "click" "tink" noise on the lower limb when i come to full draw. It is definitely audible and if i can hear it then...
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