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    Welcome to British Columbia

    Yeah, well try and cut your grass with these pests chewing your fruit trees!
  2. Bonjour SolidSnake

    Les Roues ont-elles des cannelures usinées pour placer vos câbles dans ?

    Regardez s'il vous plaît les photographies, en incluant mon Magnum de Martin Cougar, faites n'importe lequel d'entre...
  3. Here is an answer to your question

    I just competed in a 3d shoot last week October 16, 2011 with my 1982 Martin Cougar Magnum, getting 1st place in Bowhunter division.

    Last month I came in 2nd place at a 3d shoot with my 30 year...
  4. Hey Sonny

    I have X Killers, I am known to have more arrows than god! I buy em, try em, review em. X-Killers are nice, I just like trying other arrows on the market as part of my review.
  5. This site does not allow posting profile photos.

    No matter how small I make my profile photo, this site states the upload failed right down to 30kb.
    What gives?
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    After all is said and done, after tuning my bows with the Hamskea 3rd Axis, I now can draw back my bow at full draw and dead aim my sight at the target, and my bubble level is solid and square almost...
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    You have finally cured your "Axis of Evil"

    Once you have cured your "Axis of Evil" proceed to your bows "Sight Alignment"

    Take a roll of masking tape and a 36 inch Straight Edge Carpenter level.

    Place a 5 foot strip of masking tape and...
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    Fine Tuning

    Now with both bubbles aligned perfectly, loosen your bow vice vertical adjustment just enough so you can now move your bow up and down in the bow vice.

    Your bubble level on your sight and the...
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    2nd Axis Sight Adjustment

    Unlike the 1st Axis in which you need to have your bow upright in a front to back or forward to rear motion to get your bow level.........

    Your 2nd Axis plane on your bow works as a side to side...
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    1st Axis

    1st Axis

    Now set your 1st Axis on your sights dovetail bar.

    (*Bolt on sights without a sight bar you will need to keep the Hamskea on a flat vertical spot on your riser, see photos above in...
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    Attaching the Hamskea 3rd Axis level

    Once the bow is level attach the Hamskea 3rd Axis level onto the vertical sight bar on your Target sight head. If not possible attach it to the flat spot on your dovetail arm. For bolt on hunting...
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    Let's get started

    Normally, I prefer to use my 1992 Martin Bengal or 1982 Martin Cougar Magnum in my reviews, after all this is a Martin Forum site.

    Since I shoot barebow and fingers with these Martin bows, I...
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    Hamskea Curing your 3rd Axis of Evil

    By Barry O'Regan - Bohning Pro Field Staff


    How many of us take it for granted our new sight is turnkey and ready to shoot out of the box? I know I did!
    Most likely 90% of archers,...
  14. Laser alignment of Cam and Fixed Points

    As you can see a laser alignment tool is a piece of kit archers will enjoy for fast and accurate adjustment for bow tuning.
  15. Laser Tuning for Arrow Rest Centre Shot and Sights

    Double Take Archery Laser Bowplane 2

    By Barry O'Regan – Bohning Staff Shooter

    I had the opportunity to buy a used DoubleTake Archery Bowplane Laser 2 This being a 2008 model.

    Like many...
  16. Thanks for the comment Destroyer

    You know in a perfect world with all things equal, in that if one were to fletch and align their vanes on the same area of each shaft it would most likely be okay for stump shooters and plinkers. ...
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    Thanks Sonny

    Unfortunately Bohning do not make the Accu Laser anymore.

    I do however have a review on the Double Take Laser, in the Bow Tuning Section of the Martin Forum. The Double Take Laser is basically a...
  18. Thanks for the input Sonny.

    If all arrows are fletched in exactly the same spot for a dozen arrows, you will get respectable groups and arrow flight. What I am trying to inform readers is that fine tuning for best arrow flight...
  19. The End Result

    What readers will notice, is with a little trial and error, all arrows regardless of manufacturer give pretty tight groups with a little nock tuning.

    I have refletched these arrows where the...
  20. Gold Tip Arrows with True Flight Feathers Shield Cut

    Gold Tips a favourite for hunters in the lower mainland of BC.
  21. Beman Arrows (Made in France) with Gateway Feathers Shield Cut.

    These Beman arrows were once a product of France, before Easton bought them out in the 1990s.
  22. Victory Nano Arrows with Bohning X Vanes Shield Cut Vanes

    It would have been nice to get some Easton X-10s to test as well, but finances are tight, perhaps another time.
  23. Victory V Force HV Arrows with Bohning Blazer Vanes

    Using HV 400s
  24. PSE X-Weaves Arrows with Gateway Feathers Shield Cut.

    Actually in all fairness to PSE, it did not matter one iota which way I positioned the nock on the arrow, as grouping was consistently tight, scary tight slapping the arrows together hard.
  25. Easton Powerflight Arrows with Bohning Yellow Blazer & AAE Plastifletch Purple Vanes

    An unexpected Robin Hood at 40 meters!
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