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  1. Sold

    Sold-please close thread

  2. And Arrows

    Will include 6 Easton Axis NFused .340 Arrows cut 28.625 C to C with HIT inserts and Blazers if we can get this sold......they are on the right
  3. Yea LH is tough

    to buy and sell sometimes. Thanks for the bump.

    Forgot has some $10 aluminum peep in it also don't recall brand but was put in in April at my local shop......its not in the pic
  4. 2010 LH Rytera Nemesis 55-70lb limbs 27-30in Draw

    I traded for this bow a few weeks back. Shot it a bit and just prefer another. Installed a brand new Trophy Taker Smackdown rest and New BowJax short stabilizer. It's pretty darn cool in Bone Camo....
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