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  1. Okay Deep Breath

    First, I had no idea people were so sensitive. My apologies. The point I was trying to make at the time was- The pic of the pretty lady probably cost MARTIN more than the rest of the pamphlet. I...
  2. Hey- No apologies. Its brand new and I can't shoot it.

    I'm going back to DICKS and have them switch it back. If the string is correct- which I am certain it is not, something else is wrong. As it is now, the string leaves the top cam at a 40 degree angle...
  3. Cabelas pic could be wrong too- they got it from martin Im sure.

    When set up like the cabelas photo, the cable and string touch below the TRG and when I draw it back, the two strings roll and twist against each other.
    This is ridiculous. A new bow, 2011 model,...
  4. DUDE! If you have the same bow, how is the TRG strung????

    So far from the tips here in the forum It seems the downward moving string is on the outside of the TRG. The strings cross below the TRG.
    What I need to know is- Does the downward moving string...
  5. photos?

    mln- were there pics with that post? i didnt/couldnt see them.
  6. thanks!

    I'm trying to judge from some of the online videos but its hard.
  7. Yes 19 pages. Not even 2 pages about my bow.

    He was changing the "draw length module" and got the split string on the wrong side of the shooting string. They cannot ride in the TRG this way. The strings touch below the TRG.
    I need confirmation...
  8. and another thing-

    The two illustrations in the "manual" actually contradict each other as to the position of the shooting string and split string.
    Looking at the side of the bow, on the TRG side, the split string...
  9. martin "Rack Attack" Bow (Exile??) TRG strung wrong???

    First let me gripe about the grade school pamphlet that accompanied my new bow. The information is cursory at best, and the diagrams are worse. No weapon should be sold with such a dearth of...
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