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Thread: jaguar with elite limbs and nitrous cams

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    Default jaguar with elite limbs and nitrous cams

    I have a jaguar with elite limbs and nitrous cams #60 @29" shooting with a top gun 5 pin sight, "D" loop,peep sight, carter release and Easton epic 400 shafts.
    My problem is when I shoot short distances eg 16 - 20yds/m I lose my sight pin behind my top limb. I set my #3 pin in the center of the track with my #1 & 2 above and my #4 & 5 below. I have to extend the vertical site bar at its full vertical extension in the sight mounting bracket, this is why the #1 pin disappears behind the top limb. I have tried moving the peep and altering my anchor, but struggle to get a good sight setting, I would like to have the vertical bar symmetrical about its center rather than at the lower end.
    Would a target style sight (eg toxonics 1400) with an extension help?
    Any ideas/assistance great fully accepted.
    I am shooting bare bow gap with fingers till I find a solution

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    Unless you can lower your peepsight significantly, or use an immensely heavy arrow, there is no solution. The Jaguar simply has too short a sight window, and all you can do is find another bow with a longer sight window.

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    Something you can try being as the module is adjustable is to raise your anchor and lower the peep. This'll automatically make the bow shoot lower so you'll have to lower the sight accordingly. However, to make this work you will probably have to shorten the draw length of the bow, too. What the heck, give it a try and see.

    Another thing is that, if possible, move the sight closer to the riser. Extending it from the riser will only make the problem worse.

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