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    When I got my Pantera It had the f6 module. Since then Ive moved all the way down to the f4 which suits my draw much better. However it seems like the bow hardly has any valley. Its like the cam doesnt break over untill your almost at full draw and the lettoff doesnt feel anything like 80%. Any advice?

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    are you sure you have an 80% mod onm it and not a 65%??

    the 80% will look like this f4 and the 65% will say f4/

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    We'll I own a 07 Pantera and my draw mod is f5 and it is 28" so f4 is 27". I have the same draw vally as you I like it!

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    After making that big of a change in drawlength you may want to check to make sure the cam is in time. It probably is out of time because the string length was in effect shortened by the draw mod. In my experience so far with the M Pro cam there isn't a lot of valley, and there really isn't a huge 'hump' before the valley to make it more noticable. Personally I like the draw cycle in a bow to have that hump right before the valley and a hard wall. This allows a lot of power to be generated with a really nice holding weight that does not make you feel like you are fighting the draw weight of bow while trying to hold it. Ross bows are great for this. I shoot a Martin, and have a Pantera with the M-Pro cam coming, and while yes it is really smooth and nice, I would like to see more of a transition into the valley and wall. BTW, most of the time the valley in the draw cycle can be changed by adding or removing twists from the cable. As long as you stay within the recommended specs for the cam, you may be able to fix it a little more to your liking. Good luck
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