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Thread: night hunt success! WooHoo!

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    Default night hunt success! WooHoo! Kill pics added

    the neighbors complained of a big coon raiding their bird feeder and messing up their garage so I told them I would keep an eye out. I saw one last night,had to be pushin 30lbs. I put the stalk on it and got within 10yds. Just as I was drawin down on the pest,one of our cats ran up to me and spooked it...twice that happened. Called it a night around 1:45am.

    today I spent alot of time practicing at close range with BH's and the Athens. To eliminate all variables, I locked the cats in the large dog crate to avoid another failed hunt. I went out around 10pm and sat on the ol Chevy's flatbed overlooking the pit at the back of the yard where I found a goood sized burrow yesterday afternoon. I heard a grunt bout 20min of sitting. I shined around the pit w my blood trailin light(red/blue)and caught movement. I doused the light,turned on my pin light,turned on the kill light,drew back and as I did,the coon stood on it's hind legs,givin me a perfect shot. Center punched it's chest between the arms and it was lights out. It was smaller than last nights spotting,so I'm headed back out to snap pics to post up in the mornin.

    so stay tuned, guys...
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