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Thread: Howdy from DOWN UNDER

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    Talking Howdy from DOWN UNDER

    Hi there
    Just like to say Hi to all you guys out there in ARCHERYLAND, (aint it a great place to be ). A special Hi to all the other SKIPPS that are part of this forum.

    These things are a great way to meet a lot of interesting people (I mean that in the loosest form) and learn a great deal about this sport that we love ARCHERY wether it be Field, Hunting or even just shootin a bail of straw in the back yard its the greatest sport in the world.

    The bow that I will be shooting in the very near future will be the Martin SABER (scorchin bow ). And will be looking at venturing to Thialand in 2007 for the World Transplant Games. If there is anybody at all that is interested in shooting at the Transplant games all you have to do is get in contact with your states Transplant Assossiation and they will fill you in on the rest. Also please contact me at or on this forum so I know how many people woud like to see this great sport added to the program . But it will all depend on the numbers and the interest from the world over for them to have it as part of the program.

    Anyway heres to straight arrows for everyone. and remember live your dreams and go at them FullBoar
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    It so just a guess but i think you like archery Welcome, this is a great forum

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    Cheers whitetail.

    Its good idin it.

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    Thumbs up

    Shure is

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    Welcome to the martin forums and good luck this year with your shooting.

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