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    I love this forum...

    I find the Firecat grip to be very thin. I feel as if the grip, even when I practice proper form, encourages left/right play because it is of such a narrow profile within my hand. Any suggestions as far as an after-market mod? I am aware of a "tentacle" wrap that Sims makes but I tried that and did not like the coiled wrapped effect. Thanks guys.
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    I'm getting ready to make my own grips. Using red oak 1/4x2x2 and 1/2x2x2. I traced the outline of the rubber grip from my '08 Cheetah onto the wood and will be using a roto-zip to cut them out. I've got enough for six sets of grips providing I don't screw up.

    post a close up pic of your grip. Idk if your grips are the same shape/size as mine
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